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Friday, November 18, 2011

The Top Three Reasons Why A Walk In Clinic is the Smartest Choice in NYC

Having a convenient walk in clinic in your life is as good as having a buddy who’s the president of a hospital—without the long wait in the emergency room that we from NYC have to deal with every time we get sick! Without a primary care doctor all to your own (and great insurance), a walk in clinic is definitely better than the alternative these days. A stated above, that emergency room is a horrible alternative, but it’s all we’ve had since they stopped the house call.

What’s a house call, you may be asking yourself? Well, approximately thirty five years ago you’d call a doctor up on the telephone and they would get in their car and drive to your house. That’s right, we said it: drive to your house. And this was in NYC! While there, with their well-worn, black, medical bag of tricks they would diagnose and prescribe treatment with their handy prescription pad. These days we have none of that—but we do have the walk in clinic.

There are many reasons why a walk in clinic in NYC is the best place to seek medical help and in this article we shall discuss the top three:

The Sprained Ankle
With over nine million sprained ankles a year in America, it is obvious that there is a need for help via the walk in clinic. A sprained ankle occurs when the ligament of your ankle is torn by over stretching or more commonly when it stretched beyond its normal range. Either way, a walk in clinic can provide the best treatment available for sprains. Treatment may include bandaging or bracing, icing, pain killers or crutches. When suffering from a sprain remember to go to the medical facility with the most experience—your neighborhood walk in clinic.

Cuts & Abrasions
There are many different types of flesh wound. Each type requires specific treatment that an experienced walk in clinic doctor can administer professionally and affordably. An abrasion is typically a superficial flesh wound caused by friction, such as the skinned knee we all suffered through while growing up on the wild and crazy streets of NYC. One must be careful of infection setting in when an abrasion has occurred.

A laceration is typically much more serious. It is usually a jagged, deeper skin cut that has a much bigger chance of getting infected. The reason for this is that the wound is usually deep enough to expose bacteria directly into the bloodstream. A walk in clinic understands the seriousness of all lacerations and will treat them accordingly—including the need for stitches to properly close the wound.

Being Burned
When receiving a burn of any severity professional help is the way to go. A walk in clinic will do their very best to relieve your pain and get you back up and out there—sans scarring if possible. When you are burned it is important to get to your urgent care clinic NYC quickly. Whether your burn needs to be covered, cooled, or medicated, your walk in clinic will get it done quickly.

If you are in the New York City area and need a walk in clinic to treat a burn or any other non life-threatening illness at all, log onto Walk In Clinic NYC. They are located right near Grand Central Station so they are easily accessible by mass transit. To arrange an appointment, simply dial 1-212-696-5900 to speak to a friendly staff member. You will be seen by a board-certified doctor—guaranteed.

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