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Monday, November 21, 2011

Reminisce a Kiss Dismissed Mononucleosis Testing & Treatment in NYC

Young Betty and Barney clasped hands and hid behind the old oak tree. In seconds, with perspiration dripping down their foreheads they drew closer, and finally, with nervous blinking till eyes closed, they kissed. It was the first kiss for both. They shone with the light of abandon. They couldn’t wait to rush back to school to tell their friends. Unfortunately, a few days later Betty came down with Mononucleosis. She was home sick for weeks, got mad at Barney and they never spoke again. Ah, young love! Whether from NYC or a small town in middle America, Mononucleosis—or mono, as it is colloquially known—can lay you out and lead to more severe medical problems unless testing and treatment from an urgent care clinic is sought.

Many of us have memories of mono from our childhoods. It was called the “kissing disease,” and if some unfortunate classmate came down with it, they were the object of snickers and torment. How silly, we once were. We’re all much more mature, these days aren’t we? (Not including the multi-million dollar celebrity tabloid industry.) Mono may be known as the kissing disease and kissing may be fun, but there’s nothing fun about getting mono, and the poor kids who comes down with it surely should not be held responsible or ridiculed.

Saliva is the main cause of passing the infection from one person to another, but it does not have to be in the form of kissing. Sharing utensils, foods, toothbrushes, etc will do the job as quickly and efficiently as kissing will.

Because mono is a virus and treatment options are so few, testing done by a walk in doctor is the most important thing one can do for a mono infection. Once it is known that mono is the culprit of your illness, “rest” at home, and lots of it will be prescribed. And those words will always make a school child smile. NYC is like any other region in the United States, its residents suffer from this infection like all other places.

Let’s go back a bit and discuss just exactly what mono is. Mono is a viral infection that is spread from the saliva of an infected individual. The sickness is commonly caused by two different viruses of the same family. These are the Epstein-Barr and cytomegalovirus and it is believed—hold on to your socks here—that over ninety percent of Americans will catch this virus at some point in their lives! When it is caught in adolescence or young adulthood, it will manifest itself in mononucleosis up to fifty percent of the time.

The symptoms of mononucleosis—and the reasons why testing and treatment should be sought—are the following:

Sore throat
Swollen glands
Spleen complications

*(NYC is filled with people who look rather tired and worn out, but the fatigue in a mononucleosis infection has connections to the illness known as chronic fatigue syndrome. It plays a large part of mono and more research most be done.)

Mononucleosis typically lasts between two and four weeks. During this time the infected person should get plenty of bed rest and fluids. Getting one’s energy level back up to where it was before the illness struck may take a couple months. Again, testing and Mononucleosis treatment NYC for this illness is highly recommended for anyone under 18 years of age who are suffering through these symptoms.

In NYC there is a great walk in clinic available located just blocks from Grand Central Station. Please log onto NYC Walk In Clinic for more information. Call 1-212-696-5900 to make an appointment to see their board-certified doctor to discuss mono or any other illness that you are currently suffering from. NYC urgent care clinic are highly respectable, professional, and discreet. When you need a clinic to help you back to health—visit Walk In Clinic of New York.

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