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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

NYC Blues—Suffering With Acne Breakouts? The Treatment That Will Clear You Right Up!

It’s a warm day in NYC. You’re in the outfield trying to remain interested in a game without too many heavy hitters. Your calves ache and the sweat drips from under your cap’s brim. It streams down your forehead as you catch it with your ungloved hand, rubbing the salty moisture back into your flesh. Sounds almost refreshing, there’s nothing worse than having perspiration streaming down your face as you stand in the hot summer sun. Yet this behavior is an acne nightmare come true. Sweat and diamond dust equal acne. Treatment may be in your near future.

Hey we all went through it—some much worse than others. Heck, some of us, who should be too old to be, are still going through it. Pimples, zits, spots…acne. Suffering through this supposed rite of passage can be a torturous affair. Heading to your NYC school—where that hot chick or guy you have the crush on is—with a face-full of pustules would bring anyone down. That’s what others do not realize about our seemingly silly affliction: it hurts. It hurts are self esteem, it hurts our heart. It just…hurts. Especially when your over-the-counter treatment miserably fails time after time.

Admit it you’ve tried everything for your acne problem. You’ve tried using a special towel to dry your face. You’ve tried ninety seven different soaps. You’ve tried those ridiculous alcohol-soaked, little round cotton pads (how are they supposed to make things better?!). You’ve tried not washing every day. You’ve tried washing ten times a day. You’ve even tried your grandmother’s old-country remedy which you’d rather not admit to. But none of the treatment worked. Not even a little bit.

Well, believe it or not, there’s actually good news. These days, unlike years ago when many of us older pimpled-people suffered through our bad skin, there are new theories and medicines that are shaking up the world of acne treatment nyc. It’s true. Whether in NYC or the ol’ dust bowl your skin can get better and you can gain that self confidence that others seem to have by the bucket full.

How? Well, first there are a host of products being sold on television these days. You know the names. The ones where that have a tacky pop star lamenting that their lives were awful before they used the product-in-question (even though they are pop stars…). It’s not the designer aspect of these products that work on acne. It’s the ingredients in them. Be smart, visit a walk in clinic in your NYC neighborhood and confide to the doctor what it is you are there for (although he may take one look at you and know why you are there…). But that would be okay. Because these ingredients work—and your new doctor will be able to provide you with a prescription to this treatment minus the designer prices!

Don’t be silly, get the medicine you crave for a much more affordable price by heading to a clinic for it instead of ordering it through a television commercial. You’re lucky, you live in NYC. There are tons of places you can go for this treatment. This new treatment that will change your social life—and your life in general.

Okay, ready? Log onto Walk In Clinic NYC and check them out. Dr. F will see you quickly and affordably and get you back the confidence that you currently lack and want back so much. Call 1-212-696-5900 to or go to urgent care clinic NYC speak to a member of Dr. F’s team and arrange an appointment as soon as you can. His office is close to Grand Central Station, so getting there by subway is no problem at all. Sometimes big change for the better is possible. This is one of those times.

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