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Monday, December 19, 2011

Billions of Bed Bugs Attack NYC! Signs, Symptoms & Treatment

Imagine this scenario: You’re lying in bed one crisp NYC autumn Sunday. Your significant other is in the kitchen making a fresh pot of coffee. The smell of the boiling dark beans waft through the apartment as you inhale deeply—loving the aroma. Feeling a chill in the air, you pull your downy comforter up around your shoulders and raise your knees so that you are in a snuggly little ball under the covers. Just then you feel an itch on your back, reaching to scratch it you feel something get caught under your fingernail. As you slowly raise your hand to your eyes you notice the brown spot has wriggling legs. Cue scream: Aaahhhhh!!! You have bed bugs and you need urgent care clinic.

This scenario—and others less romantic—are happening all around NYC. Many thousands of its residents are experiencing the horror of realizing that bed bugs have been living in their apartments and feasting on their blood as they—and their children and pets—soundly sleep. It may sound like something out of a 1950’s horror movie but make no mistake about it: this is the truth. NYC is currently in the midst of a bed bugs infestation the likes of which hasn’t been seen for many decades. Bed bug treatment NYC has now become big business. You may have seen the commercial featuring the adorable bed bugs-sniffing dog currently running on television.

Bed bugs are small insects that feed on blood. The most common of these are the Cimex lectularius, which is Latin for “vomitous vermin” (no, not really…). As mentioned above, there is an epidemic of bed bugs currently terrorizing NYC. These problematic parasites are nocturnal, moving around and feeding only at night. They are so small that it is hard to notice them until the problem has become so big that help is needed to rid your dwelling of them, and to nurse your flesh back to health. Treatment means two things when it comes to bed bugs. It not only means ridding the home of them, it also means medicines for the bites and the subsequent rash that they cause.

Let’s take a look at what it is these bed bugs are up to as we sleep, shall we? First off, bed bugs have two tentacles which they inject into your flesh. One of these tentacles (*gag*) sucks your blood. The other injects their saliva into your body. (Okay, that’s enough description. Check, please!) If you are from NYC, you’re probably not used to taking anything from anybody. How are these facts being processed by your brain? Has it exploded yet?

Let’s discuss the symptoms of bed bugs and their treatment. Unbelievably, it’s not the bed bugs bites that bother. It’s more the burning bumps the bites leave behind. These bites are itchy and you’ll scratch them, potentially introducing infection into the equation. Now, you’ll not only have bed bugs biting you, but you have a whole mess of raised red, angry and itchy, infected bumps all over your body. Guess what? It’s time for treatment. Get to your nearest nyc urgent care whether you can arrange a home fumigation or not. The rash must be dealt with quickly in order to stave off a worse infection.

In NYC there is a medical facility that specializes in treating the human aspect of the bed bugs problem. It’s the Walk-In Clinic of New York and they are located just a few blocks from Grand Central Station. Call them at 1-212-696-5900 to make an appointment today. Or log onto Walk In Clinic for more info. Remember the good old days in NYC when “Bugging Out” meant “Having Fun”?

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