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Friday, December 30, 2011

What’s the Meaning of a Cholesterol Screening? Learning Your Levels in the Heart of NYC

Being from NYC you may have high blood pressure, but what about your cholesterol? You hear about it all the time: cholesterol, cholesterol screening, good cholesterol versus bad cholesterol. And of course, the popular, how high are your cholesterol levels? What does it all mean? Are there rules to follow? What are good numbers? What are bad numbers? And how do you go about reversing high levels of cholesterol.

You’re in NYC so you have the best healthcare in the country. Even if you do not have a personal physician, you have a ton of great walkin clinics to visit for screening purposes. These facilities are professional and affordable—all the while doling out pretty darn good healthcare. But let’s stick to the issue at hand… cholesterol. First things first, what exactly is it?

Cholesterol is used by the body for several different purposes. For instance, cholesterol helps the body produce vitamin D. It also helps produce bile acids that help your body digest fat (we all want that, don’t we?). The human body only needs a little bit of cholesterol to accomplish these tasks. That’s where the problems come in. Cholesterol is a sticky, wax-like substance and when your body produces too much of it, it winds up in your arteries, against the walls, narrowing these small spaces and making blood that much more difficult to pump through. This is why no matter where you are from—whether NYC or the sleepiest town in Oklahoma—cholesterol screening is a great first step in controlling your levels.

When the excess cholesterol clogs up your coronary arteries it can cause a heart attack. When the cholesterol clogs up your carotid arteries it can cause a stroke. Either way, major problems that you should want to avoid any way you possibly can. Again, screening to see if your body is producing high levels of cholesterol is the best way to know if you’re in need of a lifestyle change—especially in NYC where fast food reigns supreme.

What is the screening process like? Is it painful? Is it long and arduous? Cholesterol screening is basically a test of your blood lipid levels. This should tell the doctor all he or she needs to know about your lifestyle, diet and exercise routines. Generally, you will be told to fast for at least fourteen hours before the screening. You should also NOT drink any alcohol substances for up to forty eight hours before the test. (If this is a problem for you, you may want to see another doctor—for alcoholism…seriously.)

Cholesterol screening NYC consists of a simple blood test. No muss, no fuss, and definitely as little pain as humanly possible. (Needles are much sharper these days, they hardly hurt at all!) The doctor will then compare your levels to a guide from the American Heart Association. Basically speaking (very basically) you want to have cholesterol numbers under 200. Anything between 200 and 239 is deemed “borderline/high risk.” And anything over 240 is considered “high risk.”

Of course, there are many factors that the doctor will look at, in urgent care center when your cholesterol numbers come back. It’s not like a spelling test where you receive only one number at the top of the page. It takes a board-certified doctor to understand and explain to you what it is your specific screening numbers are saying about you.

If you are in the NYC area, log onto NYC urgent care center for more information on this premier cholesterol-screening facility. Walk in Clinic of New York is staffed by a board-certified doctor, and since it is located just blocks from Grand Central Station, is easily accessible by subway and bus. Call 1-212-696-5900 to arrange a screening at a convenient time for you.

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