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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Treatment For Your Nightmare Scenario: A body Infestation of NYC Scabies!

Here’s a less-than-desirable thought: You go about your daily routine (including a full eight hours at some fancy NYC office), you hit the gym three nights a week and/or you sit on your sofa in your underwear eating chips out a giant cereal bowl watching the latest episodes of Dancing With The Stars on the DVR. Yet all this while, unbeknownst to you and your best of friends, pubic lice and scabies crawl all over your flesh, burrowing into your pubic hair and yes, ingesting your very life’s essence—your blood. Time for treatment—or time to jump out a window?

No, no, no they’ll be no jumping out of windows (and even if you did the scabies would still be using your body as a vacation spot, so you haven’t really cured the problem, have you?). Again, there’s no need for such harsh actions because there is quick, easy and affordable treatment  at an urgent care clinic for this type of thing. Plus, you’d be surprised how many people are actually going through the same thing as you are. Heck, add bed bugs to this equation and you have a virtual NYC epidemic!

You’re from NYC, you probably get out every now and then, hitting the clubs, bars or frozen yogurt joints. Things are bound to happen. There are over twenty five separate illnesses that are classified as STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), be happy you caught this one. Things could be a lot worse than living with some bothersome critters for a while. And when we break it all down, that’s really all it is. Yes, it’s disgusting to even think about, but it is not life threatening. Think of it as one of life’s learning lessons—then get to a walk in doctor office for treatment! Hurry.

What exactly are pubic lice and scabies and what are their symptoms? Both are types of little bugs (there’s no fancy way to say it) that have a bunch in common. To begin with, they both like the dark musty places on your body. Pubic lice are parasitic bugs that live in hair, laying their eggs at the root of each once-fine strand. Scabies are mites that actually burrow under the skin, usually in the genital area, and eat your blood. Sounds much worse than it actually is. No, really…

Scabies treatment NYC is easy to come by in the city where these types of problems are a dime a dozen. Treatment consists of setting yourself on fire and, no, no, no… of course not. Treatment consists of creams and lotions. That’s it! Creams and lotions… and shampoos. Do not allow anyone to talk you into taking matches to the critters, or shaving off all your hair. While depending on the shape of your head shaving off all your hair may make you look more like a shiny monkey or antennae-less Martian, it will do nothing to help you with your lice and scabies problem.

There are many creams and lotions that can be found over the counter but many times these products take more than one application to clear up the problem completely (Uhm… how do I know that? Ah…research?). That’s why it makes more sense to head over to your friendly neighborhood walk in clinic for high-octane professional help. Let them creepy crawlers die hard, not die another day.

For those of us in NYC in need of a great walk in clinic, log onto New York Walk In Clinic for more information on your specific problem. The clinic is cool and totally discreet. It’s also located right near Grand Central Station so it’s easy to get to NYC urgent care center in NYC. Call 1-212-696-5900 to arrange a convenient appointment today.

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  1. Great post. You guys seem like a great clinic! Any reccomendations for walk in clinics in Newington CT ? Thanks!