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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Suffering From a Urinary Tract Infection? Get the Best Treatment in NYC!

In any big city, NYC included, there are a myriad of illnesses out there waiting to strike at a moment’s notice. There’s the urinary tract infection, herpes, and Yankees fever (It would seem that Mets fever has been eradicated due to many years of weakened strains). Suffering through a urinary tract infection is nothing to laugh about, however. In this brief article we shall take a look at the causes of the common urinary tract infection and UTI treatment NYC.

“Drink cranberry juice!” the refrain is echoed from generation to generation, yet the urinary tract infection continues to be a problem. The concept of drinking cranberry juice is a solid one since cranberry juice, and blueberry juice (good luck finding that at your friendly NYC corner store!) seem to include natural substances that help keep bacteria from lining the inner bladder walls. Yet these juices are not the only answer for those infected.

Hold Up—What the Heck is the Urinary Tract to Begin With?
Great question! The urinary tract comprises the organs, muscles and tubes that work as a unit to release urine. The upper urinary tract consists of the kidneys and the urethra. The lower urinary tract consists of the bladder, and the lower portion of the urethra. Basically we are speaking of the entire region of the human body that has to do with, uh-hum…peeing.

What is the Cause of a Urinary Tract Infection?
An infection occurs when bacteria develops and makes its home inside these areas of the body. It is needless to say that this can be a very uncomfortable predicament for anyone suffering through it. The bacterium that causes the infection originates in the digestive system. That is the portion of the body that helps to break down and absorb food. The most common bacteria that cause a urinary tract infection are called Escherichia coli. That’s right, a member of the notorious E. coli family!

There are many different ways that this bacterium can get inside a person’s urinary tract. They include…

Bowel Movements: “Wiping” from back-to-front as opposed to wiping front-to-back.  Front-to-back is a much healthier swipe!

Sexual Activity: Quite frankly, frequent intercourse can easily introduce bacteria from the outside to the inside.

What Should I be on the Lookout For?
Symptoms of a urinary tract infection are somewhat obvious. Discomfort in the region due to pain while urinating is very common, as is itching and general soreness. Since the infection takes place in the urinary tract one would assume that the urine would be symptomatic—and it typically is. There will be an urge to frequently urinate but only a small amount will be dispensed. Also, be on the lookout for cloudy and/or plain ol’ stinky urine. It is possible that the urine will also contain blood. Obviously, if this occurs (or any of the above symptoms), get to a doctor as soon as possible to begin UTI treatment.

What is the Treatment for a Urinary Tract Infection?
Once you realize that there is a problem it is time to get to a medical facility and get urinary tract infection treatment NYC. Antibiotics are commonly the way that doctors will treat a urinary tract infection. Thankfully, as a citizen of the great NYC, your choices abound. Remember that it is important to see a well-regarded doctor, since the choosing of the appropriate antibiotic is key in getting back to good health.

In NYC there is a well-regarded and highly respected medical facility located just two blocks from Grand Central Station. Log on to urgent care clinic for more information and to book a convenient appointment today. If you prefer, simply dial 1-212-696-5900 to speak to a discreet staff member. Easily accessible—and with tons of experience treating urinary tract infections and so much more—Walk In Clinic of NYC is the place to seek treatment when ill.

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