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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Birth of the NYC Walk In Clinic & the Top Three Reasons to Visit One!

An NYC walk in clinic? What is that? “Walk in clinic” doesn’t sound like the greatest place to visit if you are in need of medical help—but you may want to rethink that assumption. (Remember to never assumpt. If you do, you make an “ass” out of “u” and “mpt”…Wait a sec, that’s not right…) Seriously though, as a society—in big cities like NYC in particular—we have come to rely on the hospital emergency room when we get sick. It’s just what we do, because we have done it for so long. There are so many reasons why the hospital emergency room’s time has come and gone. There’s a better option out there.Let’s take a close look at it.

Before we do that, let’s discuss what exactly a walk in clinic is and what it does. An NYC urgent care clinic (and there are many great ones in NYC) is a type of medical facility that began springing up in the 1970s. Even way back then—in the days of shag carpets and fringe jackets—sick people wanted alternatives in their health care.

The 1970s was the end of what was once known as the “house call.” This is when a doctor actually got in their car and drove to your house when you were sick, bringing their large black bag stuffed with stethoscope, tongue depressors and happy pills. These days, even in NYC, it’s hard to get anything delivered to your house, let alone a board-certified doctor! Thus the walk in clinic was born.

Reacting to popular demand, the walk in clinic appeared as a sane and much quicker alternative to a hospital emergency room. Sometimes we get sick and need a doctor in a hurry. Even if you are lucky enough to have a family doctor, a walk in clinic can see you in a NYC second and deliver the same professional care that any other doctor would…without the wait and germ-infested waiting room.

Top three reasons to visit a walk in clinic:

When building a business, it is obvious that the owner must take affordability into consideration. The walk in clinic owners did just this and made a commitment to provide the best care at the best price. They continue that tradition today.

As the walk in clinic hit all the big cities—such as NYC—it was decided that the nature of the care would be dispensed with respect for the patients’ time. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you have been forgotten as you sit, sick, in a doctor’s waiting room. In a walk in clinic you are seen quickly and with dignity and respect.

An urgent care clinic serves a community and that community relies on them to deliver the best care. This is accomplished by the commitment to the community and the plain fact that by being there the doctor racks up tons of experience with certain medical conditions. These medical conditions are the most popular in a community, so when visiting a walk in clinic know that the doctor can handle whatever comes his way—and already has!

Since you live in NYC you can visit the best walk in clinic around, just log onto Walk In Clinic NYC website for more information. They are run by a friendly and caring board-certified doctor and his discreet and respectful staff, are located just blocks from Grand Central Station, and deliver the best care quickly and affordably. Call 1-212-696-5900 to make an appointment today!

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