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Monday, October 17, 2011

NYC Common Sense:Why a Walk In Clinic is the Best Choice

NYC may be a great city filled with wondrous delights such as multi-colored Christmas bulbs twinkling along 5th avenue, a thousand cultures jammed into twenty miles long, and arts that includes world class museums, Broadway shows, and concerts that rock. But NYC is also a city like any other, where its citizens fall ill and have accidents that need immediate medical treatment. It is then that the immediate care center comes into play.

The walk in clinic stands proudly over its alternatives. Take for instance the hospital emergency room. Here is a place that grabs you, holds you and doesn’t let you leave for eons. We all have stories of nightmare visits to hospital emergency rooms where we wait and wait and wait and wait only to be seen by a doctor who seems to grace our presence for several minutes before heading off to “treat” the next sucker.

These days are over with. During the advent of the walk in clinic NYC, cities such as NYC have seen patients smile for the first time ever. Here is a medical facility that will accept a “walk in” appointment, consult, diagnose and treat all within an hour.

The care one receives at a walk in clinic is the same care that one receives at a hospital emergency room, yet the experience is far better than one is used to receiving. Look, we all wish that the days of the house call would make a comeback, but we also know in our heart of hearts that this will never happen. It is a different culture, a different world—and a different industry.

A walk in clinic realizes this and yearns to make the experience of healthcare what it once was: a personal experience. These days this occurs at walk in clinics in NYC and all across America, due to the discreet, professional and competent staff members that work at these clinics.

A walk in clinic will see you in under an hour and dispense the proper medication, as well. The doctor at a walk in clinic in cities like NYC understands that your time as a working member of society is equal to his time. Because of this understanding you are seen, diagnosed and treated with a smile and sent on your way to convalesce.

An urgent care center will typically have a pricing structure that takes into account the tough financial times that we as Americans are suffering through. This is done for a host of reasons, the main one being that an urgent care NYC—unlike a hospital—does not have the awesome overhead costs associated with them that a hospital does. A hospital must pay its bills the same way we as citizens must pay ours. And when you are looking at a block wide and long structure, the electricity costs for lighting such a monstrosity alone will dictate the pricing structures which their patients are exposed to.

A walk in clinic will also accept a ton of different insurances making sure that whatever coverage their patients currently have will help them pay the bills. This is just another reason why the walk in clinic is the place to be seen when unfortunate illnesses and accidents occur.

For those of you currently residing in the greatest city in the world, NYC, log onto to learn more about this premier medical facility. Located just blocks from Grand Central Station, Walk In Clinic of New York City is easily accessible by bus and subway. Call 1-212-696-5900 today to arrange a convenient appointment. There are better choices for you these days in regards to your healthcare. Utilize them.

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