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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bad Luck Turns to Good Fortune—A Somewhat Cheeky NYC Take on the Urgent Care Clinic

What is the definition of “urgent” and what good is an urgent care clinic? Have you ever had an Acme safe dropped on your head by a devious coyote? Neither have we. But if we had, we probably would have visited an urgent care clinic. After all, urgent care clinics in NYC have seen a whole bunch of crazy things since they’ve become popular and started springing up all over the city like the giant hogweed. (This does not include any urban legends regarding gerbils or other small woodland creatures!)

An urgent care clinic in NYC is perfect fit for most of our wild lifestyles. Let’s be honest, you just never know when that safe is going to drop. Our long played-out experiences with hospital emergency rooms are over—finito! Who the heck wants to wait for as long as they make you wait only to be treated like another number in their wounded mathematical equation? Not us. Not people from NYC.

If you suffer any sort of non-life threatening illness or accident, think twice before heading on over to the local hospital emergency room. They are staffed by dinosaurs who hardly speak to you. At least that’s been the experience of many a person this writer knows (including himself!). In an NYC urgent care clinic the staff are very helpful and actually seem to care. I know, it’s crazy but it’s true. There is a new paradigm regarding health care in NYC.

Let’s just say you are out and about in Central Park doing your thing. Whether your thing is jogging, or running after an errant Frisbee like some confused doggie, or just plain old walking with a significant other, holding hands and slowly stopping to smell the homeless...uhm, er…the roses. It is possible that you can receive a sprained ankle while there. A sprain is a torn or stretched ligament that needs medical attention. Once again, an urgent care clinic is the place to go to.

Let’s just say you are helping your friend move out of his apartment that he has shared with his girlfriend for over five long drawn-out and awful miserable years. She is standing there, all mean-faced and red—and doesn’t even have the common courtesy to buy you a pizza or beer. As you lift that box of existential books by the likes of Jean Paul Sartre, your lower back spasms severely and you fall to the floor, a sad remnant of your former self. Once again, an urgent care clinic is the place to go.

Let’s just say you are whittling a bar of soap with an old pocket knife given to you on a long-ago forgotten birthday by your grandpa before he passed away. The blade is worn and rusty but you are in the zone. You can see the Tiki shape taking form through the once-amorphous shape of the Ivory soap bar. In one swift instant you cut your finger, drawing blood. It looks bad and you gasp, aware that it may be time to visit an urgent care center.

But it’s okay. It’s NYC and you know where one is.

There’s one located in the heart of midtown Manhattan just blocks from Grand Central Station. Just log onto the website NYC urgent care and click the “Urgent Care” button under the “WalkIn Clinic” tab. There, you will learn more about this pretty darn good medical facility that are ready, willing and able to treat any ailment you may arrive with. Call 1-212-696-5900 to make an appointment today. And remember the days of the hospital emergency room are over. Long live the walk in clinics…of NYC.

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