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Friday, May 27, 2011

Migraines in NYC Can a Walk in Clinic Help?

The severity of a migraine headache is hard to explain to individuals who do not suffer from them. They come on suddenly, paralyzing with pain the unlucky people who get them. If you live in NYC and someone close to you suffers from this serious medical issue think about visiting a walk in clinic in your neighborhood. As more and more of these establishments get built, the quality of their staffs seems to be getting better and better. At a walk in clinic in NYC you will be treated by a board-certified doctor who understands what it is a migraine sufferer is going through and more importantly will know the latest and best ways to treat them.

The following questions and answers are the most commonly asked about migraine headaches. After perusing this list you will be in a better place to make a judgment on whether medical help is needed or not.

What exactly is a migraine headache?
A migraine is a serious medical condition marked by a severe headache usually lasting between a couple hours to a couple days. Beside the serious pain nausea is also commonly reported. A portion of individuals may also suffer a temporary loss of vision and/or see spots or flashing lights.

Where and when do migraines occur?
This differs according to the individual. Some sufferers have pain on only one side of the head and some suffer on both. Migraines can come on at any time of the day but they typically begin in the mornings.

Are migraines more prevalent in men?
No, it is the opposite. In fact, three out of four migraine sufferers are women. The problem is typically reported between the ages of 20 to 45.

What is the cause of a migraine?
This question is very hard to answer because there is so much that is not understood by the professionals studying them. One major theory is that they are caused by abnormal changes of chemicals normally found inside the brain. This difference causes inflammation which could trigger a bout.

Is there anything a migraine sufferer should avoid?
Yes, there seems to be what are called triggers for many migraine sufferers. These include but are not limited to either too little or too much sleep (!), skipped meals, stress, alcohol, caffeine, bright or flashing lights. It is important to state that these triggers are not common to every migraine sufferer. Some react to one or none of the above.

Should I see a doctor?
If you are unsure if you need help this is a good sign! However, if you suffer from frequent headaches just jot down the answers to these questions and bring them with you when you visit your friendly neighborhood walk in clinic:

How often do your headaches occur?

Exactly where is the pain?

How long do your headaches last?

Do you also suffer from blind spots or loss of vision?

Is there a family history of headaches?

Getting help for this and other medical issues can be tricky, but as more walk in clinics are built near you your options keep getting better and better. We all know how awful it can be to visit a hospital emergency room for treatment of any kind.

If living in the NYC area and looking for a professional, highly regarded urgent care clinic think about visiting Walk In Clinic of New York. They are located just two blocks from Grand Central Station and specialize in the treatment of migraines—as well as a host of other ailments. Simply log onto Walk in Clinic NYC or call 1-212-696-5900 for more information. As painful as it may sound for a migraine sufferer, it is time to take the bull by the horns!

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