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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The New NYC Healthcare Option Choosing The Right Medical Clinic

There a many choices for healthcare in NYC. Choosing a medical clinic is easier than it used to be. There has been a boon of urgent care and walk in clinics all around NYC, affording the average person a ton of options when shopping around for a place to heal. What is it one wants from their medical clinic? That depends on what it is you’re attempting to treat.

Why deal with a germy over-crowded hospital emergency room for hours when what you have is technically not an emergency anyway? If you are suffering from any of the following illnesses, your best bet these days is to find yourself a professional and polite urgent care clinic. These illnesses include:

Sinus infection
Pink eye/Sty/Conjunctivitis
Upset stomach
Sore throat
Ear infections
Food poisoning
STD testing
Allergic reactions
Bladder infection

The rise of the neighborhood medical clinic has occurred quickly in NYC. It wasn’t too long ago that wasting your entire day inside a hospital emergency room was your only option if you did not have a family practitioner at your beck and call. There are bunch of reasons why the new way is the best way.

A walk-in medical clinic will tend to offer discounted prices for all of their services. In this economy that savings goes a long way. They also tend to accept a much larger variety of medical insurance than the average family practitioner. This is done consciously and is part of this new industry’s business model. Being able to help as many people as possible obviously affects your bottom line.

Your Time
Anyone who has ever spent a day waiting for treatment in a hospital emergency room understands what it means to be treated like a number. At a walk-in medical clinic you are not treated like a number, but rather as person—with feelings and important things to do with your time (even if that means lying in bed nursing your cold with a hot cup of tea). At many of these clinics you will be seen in under an hour wait time. Hard to believe, but true.

Variety of Specialties
Serving such a large community like NYC means that the doctors run into a variety of illnesses. You want a clinic where treating what you have is routine. The fact that they treat such a diversity of ailments means that you are truly in qualified hands.

Another thing you will find when you begin visiting this type of medical clinic is that you are greeted with a smile and treated politely. When you are sick the last thing you need is someone barking at you like often happens in larger facilities. When you are feeling down a smile can be the best medicine there is.

For those who reside in NYC—and are ready to begin dumping the emergency room in favor of a urgent care clinic—check out Walk In Clinic of New York. It is located close to Grand Central Station, so it is easy to reach by mass transit and it is staffed with a small-but-caring staff. Log onto Walk In Clinic NYC to find out more about them, or simply call 1-212-696-5900 to make an appointment today. You’ll never look back.

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