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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Top Three Reasons Why a Walk In Clinic is the Best Choice for NYC!

What is about NYC that causes its citizens to need medical help at such a high rate? Could it be all the sharp, pointy pieces of industrial metal poking out of garbage heaps like in some scene from Mad Max? No, NYC doesn’t need any more help regarding medical facilities than the average large American city. Yet, we should be thankful that there are so many choices available to us when we finally do seek them out. These include the walk in clinic.

NYC’s varying bunch of medical facilities include specialists in all fields and the neighborhood walk in clinic. Established in the 1970s and only recently made much more popular, the walk-in clinic has finally come into its own, establishing itself as one of the better places in NYC to seek medical treatment. There are many reasons for this, but in this article we shall take a look at the top three reasons why the walk in clinic is the place to be for the ill in NYC.

Price & Coverage
A walk in clinic will offer the same exact professional care that a hospital emergency room or a private doctor will—but many times the price will be much more affordable. A walk in clinic works for the community where it is established, and therefore works into its business plan savings for the community it serves.

Insurance is also a big thing at many a urgent care center. These facilities realize that in any one NYC community there will be a varying degree of coverage, and thus makes it easy for an individual to be covered through their clinic by accepting as many insurance plans as it can.

The care one receives at a walk in clinic—especially one in a city such as NYC—is as good as it gets. On staff, there will be a board-certified doctor, not a nurse practitioner as in many other clinic-type facilities. Being a place that caters to one community—and proud of it—a walk in clinic will be proud of their work. It’s not like they can pull up stakes and move on to another location! They have invested in NYC and therefore will do its best to serve its patients in a professional and discreet manner. And in a manner that will have their patients coming back when they get ill again. This is the only way to run a successful business.

Being a community-based facility, a walk in clinic will see every illness under the sun. In the wintertime it is the flu and sinus infections, and in summertime it is sprained ankles and physicals for summer camps. This is what gives a doctor who works at a walk in clinic his uhm…street cred. He knows what happens out there in NYC and is experienced enough to diagnose and treat anything that comes his way (unless it is life threatening and then he will recommend you get to a hospital emergency room on the double!)

For those of us in NYC who need a great walk in clinic to treat any ailment under the sun, please log onto Walk In Clinic NYC or simply call 1-212-696-5900 to speak to a staff member and make a convenient appointment. Urgent care Clinic NYC is located just two blocks from Grand Central Station, making it very easy to get to by either train or bus. In the old days we all had family doctors whom we relied on. These days are a little different. But it is possible to rely on a walk in clinic instead. After all, they are part of the community.

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  1. I agree that the a walk in clinic really is a good choice. This is especially true if you want it to be relatively quick and simple. Charges I found are actually a lot less there as well and either way you will probably have insurance that covers it.