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Sunday, September 4, 2011

NYC: Sprained Ankle Capital Receive the Best Treatment at a Walk In Clinic

Whether you are looking for it or not, bad luck will find you. There’s only so much one can do to protect themselves from the daily possibility of a common-place injury. Buy a rabbit’s foot? Ask the rabbit how that worked out for him. Bad luck has been around for ages, but it is more than superstition that we must be on the lookout for. Let’s take NYC for example. As a denizen of this modern metropolis you know the dangers that lurk around every corner (and we’re not talking about upper respiratory infection!) Although there are so many choices that the average New Yorker has regarding his or her health, the walk in clinic is the best for a city on the go.

Let’s face it, we come from NYC and we’re constantly running from this place to that. We tend to pack a whole bunch of activities into one day—and we’re not driving around. Rather, we are walking and climbing steps to do it. That’s where the most popular reason to visit a walk in clinic comes in: the sprained ankle.

It happens to most all of us at one time or another. One second we’re strolling along and the next we’re crumpled up on the sidewalk in a ball screaming for “mommy!” A sprain is quite painful. It is also very important to get the proper treatment in a timely manner. That’s where a urgent care clinic nyc comes in. The name alone implies that one can stroll in at a moment’s notice, forgoing the traditional appointment process. And that is true.

A sprained ankle is a torn or over-stretched ligament or muscle in the ankle region and icing will probably be the first thing you will want to do for it. This will keep the swelling down. An average sprained ankle can see the ankle region balloon up to three times its normal size. It can be quite a frightening thing if you have never suffered through one before.

Bracing is just as important, as the ankle needs to be kept from constantly twisting and turning. The walk in doctor at your neighborhood clinic will have the experience necessary to wrap and brace your ankle in a professional manner. Typically it will be a bandage—something akin to an Ace bandage—that will be used for bracing. It must be applied in the correct fashion, in other words, the Goldilocks fashion: not too tight, not too loose. It also should be crisscrossed in a professional manner to keep the ankle as motionless as possible. In severe cases a cast will be necessary.

NYC is filled with pitfalls and dank subways that are conducive to injury. It is estimated that there are over nine million sprained ankles a year in the United States and most of these occur in big cities where the tire is replaced by the foot. One must always be on the lookout for that errant slab of concrete or that icy subway step.

Another reason a walk-in clinic is the best place to visit for a sprained ankle is the prescription you are probably going to need. Because of the pain associated with a sprained ankle, it is possible that a doctor will be needed to write you a prescription for pain medication. A walk in clinic is staffed with certified doctors—not nurse practitioners—and can easily supply you with the proper prescriptions.

If in NYC and need a professional, caring and discreet walk in clinic, simply log onto Walk In Clinic NYC for more information or call 1-212-696-5900 to speak to a person. They are located just two blocks from Grand Central Station and easily accessible by subway (and bus). Get up and out there—just keep a keen eye out!

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