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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The NYC Walk In Clinic: Top Three Reasons You Should be a Patient

What is it about living in NYC? We sort of want the best of the best when it comes to…well, everything. Not in a snooty way (well, maybe…), but in an “I-live-in-the-greatest-city-in-the-world-so-why-would-I-want-it-any-other-way” way. When it comes to health care and the need for a doctor at a moment’s notice, we’ve tried the hospital emergency room thing and it’s not for us. Thankfully, there is alternative out there in this fair city: the walk inclinic.

NYC has the greatest art, the greatest music (well, New Orleans comes in a very close second), the greatest food, the greatest…everything. Why can’t we get the greatest health care? Well, these days you can and believe it or not, it’s at a walk in clinic.

A what?
A walk-in clinic—and NYC is full of them. They are a great respite, an awesome alternative to the hours upon hours of waiting in an emergency room only to be treated in minutes flat. The walk in clinic began springing up in the mid- to late-seventies and unfortunately, too many people have not utilized their great service.

What makes an NYC walk in clinic a better place to visit for those non life-threatening accidents and illnesses? Let’s take a look, shall we…

A Respect For Your Time

The amount of time one can spend in a hospital emergency room is ridiculous. At an NYC walk in clinic, the doctor—believe it or not—understands that your time is as important as theirs. This is a mind boggling concept to grasp, to be sure. Yet it is true. At a walk in clinic, your wait is usually less than an hour. As fellow citizens of NYC, the staff at most walk in clinics understand that perhaps you have better things to do with your time than sit uncomfortably on your butt for hours.

Insurance & Price

These are two things that are as important to most patients as the care they receive. At a walk in clinic, chances are that the insurance you hold will be accepted. A walk in clinic goes out of their way to be inclusive and accept all insurances possible. From the smallest companies to the largest, chances are—you will be covered.

A walk in clinic is part of the community they serve and therefore strives to help as many people as possible. If you have been to other healthcare establishments over the years, chances are that you will be surprisingly happy with the prices at a walk-in clinic. The overhead costs are significantly lower than that of any hospital. And that savings is consciously—and happily—passed on to their patients.

 Caliber of Care

One knows that they will be treated by a genuine doctor when they walk into a hospital emergency room, this is true. But what most people do not understand is that at most walk in clinics there will be a certified doctor—not a nurse practitioner—there to diagnose and treat you in your hour (or less!) of need. Due to their state-of-the-art equipment and the caring professionalism refreshingly rampant at these establishments, you will receive the same care that you would receive at a hospital—and you will not be rushed out the door to make way for another patient.

For those lucky denizens of NYC in need, there is just such a walk in clinic located conveniently just two blocks from Grand Central Station. Simply log on to Urgent care NYC website for more information regarding this certified doctor-staffed facility. To make a quick and easy appointment today, just call 1-212-696-5900. There’s a new breed of healthcare in town…take advantage of it.

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