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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Why an NYC Walk In Clinic is The Place For Burns

NYC is filled with medical facility choices. One of these is the walk in clinic. A walk in clinic is a great thing to have in your neighborhood, and if you live in NYC chances are you do have one near you. They are staffed with the best doctors and have tons of experience treating everyday-type injuries and illnesses. A hospital emergency room should be utilized for life-threatening injuries exclusively. These injuries may include car crashes, heart attacks, and gunshot wounds. If you or your family members suffer from any of the above, get them to the nearest hospital emergency room. If you or your family members have an accident that is non-life threatening, such as a fall, break or burn then get to a walk in clinic ASAP.

Burns happen so frequently. Sometimes they are caused by the simplest of things, such as spilling a piping hot bowl of soup, or touching a red-hot pot or pan. As soon as we receive a burn we know we are in trouble. It is time to get some treatment—and get it quick. This is one reason that a walk in clinic has the best interest of NYC citizens at heart. The fact that you can “walk” into one without an appointment is a big plus. Another big plus is that unlike a hospital emergency room you will be seen before the day is over. Under an hour is the typical wait at a walk in clinic, believe it or not.

Burns come in different degrees and depending on which one you suffer from will dictate the treatment options open to you. The degrees of burns break down as such:

The lesser of all burns wherein only the outer layer of skin is affected.

Second Degree Burns
These burns damage the outer layer of skin and the layer of skin underneath.

Third Degree Burns
More serious, this burn damages the deepest layer of skin and the tissue underneath it.

Fourth Degree Burns
Far worse, this burn destroys skin and tissue and many times is caused by electricity, chemicals or radiation.

Fifth & Sixth Degree Burns
Without a doubt the worst type of burn injury. In fact, a sixth degree burn can only be diagnosed during an autopsy, which gives you an idea of how survivable one of these bad boys are.

Obviously, a walk in clinic—whether in NYC or elsewhere—cannot help someone who has suffered through a major fire and who has received burns in the upper degrees of this list. All other burns can and should be treated at a urgent care clinic because the fast treatment time and experience of the doctor at one of these establishments make it the ideal place.

There are many modes of treatment available to burn victims and these can be worked out through a doctor’s diagnosis of the severity of the burn. The choices of a doctor are many, so getting to a walk in clinic as soon as possible is the key to the best treatment.

If you have been unfortunate enough to need the help of a doctor because of a non-life threatening burn, please log onto NYC Walk In Clinic for the best help available. They are located at 274 Madison Avenue (between 39th and 40th streets), and can be reached at 1-212-696-5900 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            1-212-696-5900      end_of_the_skype_highlighting. The fact that they are just two blocks from Grand Central Station makes them the perfect place to get to in a flash. 

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