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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Top Three Reasons To Visit a Walk In Clinic

If your hair is on fire or you find yourself being mauled by a wild hyena, do not head for the nearest walk in clinic, but rather get yourself to the nearest hospital emergency room. The above-mentioned medical issues are precisely the type of problems that a hospital treats well. If you read between the lines you may sense a bit of sarcasm, but it’s easy to be skeptical of a place that leaves you to wait for hours upon hours like an emergency room typically has you do. Not to mention the fact that you can easily leave the place sicker than when you went in!

Let’s turn the tone of this article and discuss the good things about the walk in clinic as opposed to the bad things about their alternative. A friendly neighborhood walk in clinic will be staffed by a board certified doctor exactly like the emergency room, but he or she will respect your time and treat you personally rather than as a number. Let’s take a look at the top three reasons to visit a walk in clinic, medically speaking, that is.

Broken Skin
This common medical malady includes cuts, bruises and lacerations. The preceding terms are arranged in regard to their seriousness. A child running and falling will usually receive a cut, a drunk dude at a frat party may fall and receive a bruise, and someone who has had a meat-slicing machine mishap will unfortunately be the proud owner of a brand new--and very dangerous—laceration.

All types of flesh wounds are best treated at a walk in clinic as opposed to at home. Dressings must be applied professionally to avoid infection, other wounds may need a tetanus vaccination, and still others will need a prescription for pain meds. A walk in clinic typically has a ton of experience with everyday non-life threatening injuries such as these—and the care will reflect this experience.

The Sprained Ankle
Speaking of common injuries, in America sprained ankles occur at the startling rate of approximately nine million a year! What defines a sprain is when there is a strain or tear in the ligaments of your ankle. These typically occur when out playing ball or out for a relaxing morning jog. Either way, a walk in clinic has the experience to properly treat this all-too-often occurrence.

The treatment for a sprained ankle may consist of everything from icing to bracing (and that all-too-important prescription for pain relievers), but the key is to have it done quickly. Considering the time differences between receiving care at a walk in clinic, or a hospital emergency room, the best bet is clearly the walk in clinic.

Burns, Baby Burn
Here we speak not of Homer Simpson’s boss, but of the very unfortunate—and hopefully rare—occurrence of being burnt. These burns can be caused by scalding water, fireworks, an errant candle, etc. As is the case with cuts, burns are categorized on scale of least severe to most severe. This scale begins with first-degree burns and goes all the way up to sixth-degree burns—which can only be diagnosed via an autopsy.

Treatments for burns vary according their severity. A walk in clinic will be able to administer the proper care for your burn category. Remember to NEVER run warm water on a burn as this can cause further damage.

For those of you in New York City interested in a professional urgent care clinic—that is easily accessible by both bus and subway—log onto Walk In Clinic NYC website  to find out more info. You may also simply dial 1-212-696-5900 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            1-212-696-5900      end_of_the_skype_highlighting to arrange a quick appointment. True to their name, they also take walk ins—and chances are you will be seen in under an hour.

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