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Monday, July 4, 2011

PPD Testing in NYC

Tuberculosis has never really disappeared in the United States. The PPD test is the modern testing procedure for this destructive disease. Many years ago, public policy did little to stop this disease from spreading. In the old days there were things called spittoons. Believe it or not, in bars, railways stations, hotels, etc., there were specifically built jar-like structures wherein people were invited to spit. That’s right, to pull up phlegm from their nether regions and hock a loogie! The spittoon collected all this repulsive refuse. (Imagine the poor person whose job it was to empty these vile things!?). Spit and mucous harbor bacteria. Bad bacteria. Having bowls of it in public—in retrospect—was perhaps not a good idea.

In those days Tuberculosis was rampant in most cities. In fact, it was all over the United States, but the close proximity of people in modern metropolitan areas made the passing of the disease much easier. Tuberculosis—or TB—is a potentially fatal bacterial infection that affects the lungs. After the widespread usage of the TB vaccination the numbers of those infected dwindled. But in recent years, a new—more deadly strain—has arisen and given health care specialists a real scare. PPD testing is recommended for individuals that have the symptoms of the disease as well as someone beginning school or a new job.

PPD testing is performed with a small pin prick to the forearm. Your doctor will watch this injection site for any signs of recent TB exposure. If you have had any exposure a blister will form at the injection site. PPD testing typically takes between 48 to 72 hours. The test is highly accurate and if it proves to be positive, medicine will be prescribed to fight off the bad bacteria.

New York City has a high rate of this new strain of TB, so PPD testing is highly recommended for those of us who live here. If you happen to be one of these people, and are in need of testing, simply log onto Docs clinics NYC for more information and to book an appointment. The clinic is located just two blocks from Grand Central Station and is easily accessible by bus and subway. Do not allow this deadly disease to make a comeback. PPD testing makes sense.

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