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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Wonderful Woodlands of NYC Crisis and Urgent Care

There are few things better than spending an afternoon trekking through the forest or woods. With the sun shining and the trees smelling fantastic, you are transported to a peaceful place. From off on the left a thin stream trickles, making music of its own as birds gently careen in the sky casting small shadows upon the moss-stained rocks. “What a day!” you think, as the first wasp injects your neck with his pulsating stinger sending a painful burst of venom throughout your bloodstream. Yikes, how quickly things can change. Good thing you have access to an urgentcare medical facility. They are popping up all over the place, including cities such as NYC.

Not many people realize that there are tranquil woodlands very close to NYC. No, not Central or Inwood Parks (both located on Manhattan proper and huge tree-filled oasis), but upstate a tad. That’s right, just a half hour from the northern tip of NYC there are miles of gorgeous forest, most open to the day trekker. It is in this area that danger exists. Where there is light there must be darkness, and where there is natural beauty there often times is the threat of danger. Anyone who enjoys a good long walk in the woods, or an overnight camping trip, should know the location of a professional urgent care clinic.

What is it exactly that we should be aware of when in the woods? The list is long. Just the fact that one is so far from “civilization” should make one much more careful when doing even the simplest of things. Take for instance just the act of walking. A hiking path is filled with obstacles, from rocks to branches. If you were to sustain a sprained ankle when out of the city, you would be in for a quite a trip back! It might only be a half hour away, but NYC will feel like a different country.

Let us take a good look at insect bites, the type this article begins with. In any woodland or forest the amount of insects you will be facing is staggering. Thankfully, most of them are harmless little pests merely intent on bothering you by buzzing about your head and crawling upon your skin. But there are the other insects, like bees, hornets and wasps.

If stung remember to remove the stinger by scraping it away from the body, using either a fingernail or tweezers. Make sure to wash the red area with soap and water and cover it with anything handy. Apply ice if possible. This will keep the swelling down.

Before finding yourself surrounded by miles of woodlands, it is imperative to know whether you are allergic to bee stings or not. Many Americans are allergic—and once stung—need urgent care clinic or will fall into apoplectic shock. This can be a deadly situation if medicine is unavailable. Many people allergic to bee stings carry medicine with them, whether in the form of pills or a self-injectable hypodermic device called an EpiPen.

If in NYC, and in need of an urgent care medical facility for any unfortunate incident, log onto Walk In Clinic NYC and click the tab under “walk in clinic.” There you will find the website for Urgent Care Clinic NYC and all it offers. The clinic is only two blocks from Grand Central Station and therefore easily accessible by mass transit (bus & subway.) In case of an emergency call 11-212-696-5900 for immediate care. Have fun—but be careful!

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