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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Don’t Roll the Dice With Your Health Visit an NYC Urgent Care Clinic

What is it about an urgent care NYC that has all of us citizens of NYC excited? Well, the first thing is that an urgent care clinic is a place that we can depend on when or if we suffer some awful malady. They are there to take care of us and our family in our time of need and that, dear reader, is priceless.

In the past we have depended upon hospital emergency rooms—not an urgent care clinic—to see us at a moment’s notice. The problem with this situation is that it always took us WAY longer then a moment to be seen by the kindly doctor on staff. A hospital emergency room is there for emergencies. The facts cannot be argued with: if you or someone in your family experiences a medical emergency—which is life threatening—the best place to visit is a hospital emergency room.

The doctors there are trained to react quickly…to life threatening situations. And that just may be the problem in a nutshell. If you are not suffering from a life-threatening injury or disease, the doctors go on to the next patient who may be. In an urgent care clinic, all patients are seen in under an hour. And in a city as busy as NYC, this fact goes along way.

Here is a quick and easy list of many of the non life-threatening injuries that an urgent care clinic in NYC is adept at diagnosing and treating:

·       Sprained ankles
·       High fever and flu
·       Severe back pain
·       Mononucleosis
·       Sinus infections
·       Bronchitis
·       Pneumonia
·       Vomiting
·       Asthma
·       Ear infections
·       Food poisoning
·       Allergies

This is just a short list of the types of ailments that can be successfully treated at a neighborhood urgent care clinic. NYC is chock full of them and they earn their keep by staying ahead of the curve. In NYC there is always someone hurting themselves or suffering from a sickness of some sort. It is the large number of patients that any given urgent care clinic will see on a weekly basis that helps it to gain the experience necessary to do a great job on their next patient. Be it you—or someone you love.

Another thing that makes an urgent care clinic stand out is their personalized care. Let’s face it, when we visit a doctor we want more than a cursory examination and a quickly jotted prescription. At an urgent care clinic—especially in a social city like NYC—you will get the personalized care that you so dearly crave, and deserve.

Many times, a hospital emergency room will mail you a bill that will, quite frankly, shock you. At a good walk in clinic the doctor will discuss any and all charges up front with you. At an urgent care clinic there is never a surprise when you get the bill. This is so very important, especially in today’s economy. The last thing most NYC families need is to owe more money to some company.

Because you live in NYC, your chances of finding a great urgent care clinic is better than most Americans. With this mind, we suggest you log onto and find the “Urgent Care” tab (hint: upper left hand corner directly under “Walk In Clinic NYC”).  It is located just two blocks from Grand Central Station and is very easy to get to by subway and bus. Urgent Care New York is staffed by a board-certified doctor, and employs the most dedicated and discreet staff possible. To make an appointment today, simply dial 1-212-696-5900 and get the best care available in NYC.

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