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Sunday, June 5, 2011

NYC And The Sprained Ankle. An Urgent Care Clinic is The Way To Go

“NYC is the place to be…” me thinks that is a rap song quote. Whether it is or not it IS true. NYC is a great place to spend a long hot summer—or any season—for that matter. During the warm months, getting out there in the big city can cause injuries, especially if your thing is sports. Rollerblading is huge here, and Central Park is Mecca for those that follow this particular sport. If an injury does occur, think about visiting an urgent care clinic. They have been popping up all over this fair city and they do a great job as compared to, let’s say, a hospital emergency room. Plus, they do it for a lot less money.

What is it about sprained ankles? It seems that we all have suffered from one—or in the very least know someone close to us that has suffered from this particular injury. It would seem that a sprained ankle is pretty common, especially when one is sweating via work out or play in good old NYC. If it is you that happens to suffer from this way-too-common malady, get yourself to an urgent care clinic pronto. Now, for those out of the loop, somehow, what is a sprained ankle?

A sprained ankle occurs when your ankle takes an unfortunate twist, roll or turn. This can stretch or tear the ligaments in the joint so much that it becomes impossible to put any weight upon the foot in question.

What is a ligament? They are elastic-type bands of tissue that connect our bones. You will know it when the ligaments in your ankle area are stretched beyond their normal range of motion. It is painful. You may yelp like a dog whose tail was stepped on.

Sprained ankles occur frequently. In fact, it may blow your mind to hear that there are over twenty five thousand sprained ankles in America… every single day of the year! That’s a whole bunch of yelping. It’s also a whole bunch of visits to the urgent care clinic. These new-type clinics that are popping up all over NYC can help in a variety of ways.

Since NYC is home to a whole bunch of sprained ankles, your urgent care clinic will have the expertise to get you back onto your feet as quickly as possible. Visiting one is the smart move because a visit to a hospital emergency room may take up to ten hours in NYC. It just doesn’t make any good sense at all to go that route. In an walk in clinic you will be seen quickly and treated as professionally as any hospital will treat you.

First they will probably get the pain under control via a simple painkiller such as ibuprofen, yet if your pain is beyond the capacity of such a drug you can get a prescription to help you deal. Icing and bandages can be applied professionally and quickly. When it comes to a sprained ankle, time is of the essence. Get it looked at as soon as humanly possible.

For those of us in the NYC area, check out the Urgent Care Clinic associated with the Walk In Clinic NYC. Simply log onto Urgent care NYC and hit the tab for Urgent Care. They are conveniently located just two blocks from Grand Central Station and can be accessed via all mass transit. Call 1-212-696-5900 to get that ankle looked at ASAP!

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