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Friday, October 5, 2012

Searching For The Right Walk in Clinic? How To Make the Correct Choice

When looking for a medical office to visit when something bad happens, the average American has many choices. We really do have loads of choices for a variety of things here in America. If you feel like eating Chinese one night, Brazilian the next, and Italian the following, there’s no shortage of eating establishments that can satiate our culinary cravings. And so it should be for other things, such as health care.

Of course there are many different options out there when searching for a medical office, but some are infinitely better than others. Let’s begin with the hospital emergency room, shall we?  Oh, we all know what a bummer it can be to visit one of these. Whether it’s the long wait or the fact that you get to witness untold amounts of people jump ahead of you because their problem is deemed more of an emergency than yours is, most people find something lacking in the experience. Worst of all, would be the fact that many people leave hospital emergency rooms sicker then when they went in.

Secondly there are high-end primary care for those with loads of money. A doctor’s care should never be relegated to how much money you make, but we also understand the reality of living in this great country of ours. Money talks, this is the reality. Yet when it comes to an industry such as health care, remember that there are many well-intentioned individuals who are in it for much more than the money. It is very possible to find a world-class medical office for less than expensive prices.

A medical office should always impart a feeling of well-being and security. One should never second guess the safety and resolve of their regularly visited medical office. Lately there has been a spate of excellent walk in clinics that have popped up across America in general—and in the big cities in particular.

A walk in clinic is an excellent example of a potentially superb medical office. Many of these clinics accept a large variety of medical insurance, but also offer a pricing structure particularly sensitive to the needs of the individual who is not currently covered by insurance. Face it, no matter what the media portrays, the bulk of doctors out there have a calling and want to help people before they want to get rich.

A good medical office—or walk in clinic—will have a board-certified doctor running the show. This is the exact same type of doctor you will likely see when visiting any other type of top of the line professional medical facility. The plus of visiting a medical office such as a walk in clinic, is that the doctor gets to spend a bunch more time with their individual patients—and when that patient is you, you know the difference!

There’s nothing better than visiting a medical office where you do not feel rushed. Even when there are other patients waiting, a sign of a great health care professional is to make you feel at ease, not rushed, and given the time and respect that your visit deserves. We all deserve a medical office of this caliber.

If you happen to live in the NYC area and are looking for a medical office that can fulfill all of the above, find medical clinic. Located just blocks from Grand Central Station, this discreet and professional facility is run by a board -certified doctor who has earned the respect of a vast majority of his patients (as seen by his return/patient ratios). Simply log onto internist or call 1-212-696-5900. Great service, most insurance, affordable prices—give us a call. We’re waiting to heal you. 

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