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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dealing with side effects from blood pressure medication your walk in clinic prescribed you after a screening

So after your most recent blood pressure screening your doctor diagnosed you with hypertension, or, high blood pressure.  Because hypertension is for the most part an asymptomatic disease, you probably have never experienced any discomfort or side effects from it. But to treat this symptomless disease that you never noticed you now need to start a medication treatment that will most likely bear noticeable side effects.
Try not to let this knowledge frustrate you. Many people who have high blood pressure take medication for it and do not experience life changing side effects. Your doctor at the medical clinic you visited hopefully went over the type of medication you will be on, and from there went over the possible side effects and ways to cope with them.  However, if you’re looking for more advice here are some important things you should know about side effects from medications and ways to deal with them.
Many Side Effects Lesson Over Time
Our bodies are capable of getting used to foreign substances over time. After the initial shock, our body will tend to calm down and handle the added stress this medication causes. If your prescription causes stomach problems or headache, for example, this will typically subside within two weeks.
Diet or Other Medicines Can Counter Side Effects
There are many ways to help your body deal with side effects. Increasing the amount of fiber in your diet, for example, will help your body deal with constipation caused by certain blood pressure medications. Also, many antihypertensives can cause issues with your sexual performance, but there are plenty of safe medications that will not only counter this side effect, but improve your sex life in general!
You Can Manage Your Side Effects On Your Own
Not everyone needs to change their diet or pile on more medications to deal with side effects; there are daily tricks that may help you cope with symptoms. For example, what time of day or how you take your medication can influence how it affects your daily life. If the drug causes sleepiness, take it right before you go to bed. If it causes a stomach ache, be sure to take it with plenty of food and water.
Taking Your Medication Correctly Will Lesson Your Risk of Side Effects
You can bring on side effects by not taking your medication at the same time every day, by missing doses, or by taking the wrong amount. If you maintain a predictable routine your body will have an easier time managing the drug.
Don’t Keep Your Side Effects to Yourself
Always let your internist know about what side effects you are experiencing from the medication. Not only will he or she offer advice on how to cope with them, but these symptoms may be clues about something else going wrong inside of you. Many people must experiment with different medications until they find the right dosage and the right kind of therapy. 
If you’re struggling with your prescription and want a trusted primary care doctor NYC to speak with about it, visit Dr. Slava Fuzayloff’s urgent care clinic. He has a great reputation as a caring and concerned physician. After a quick blood pressure check he patiently goes over symptoms and complications due to medications with his patients.  Log onto to his website walk in clinic NYC to make an appointment or call 212-696-5900 today.  No question is ever too obvious or unimportant; if you are uncomfortable with side effects and don’t know what to do, ask Dr. Fuzayloff. 

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