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Friday, October 5, 2012

Forget Forbidden Fruit: Bite into the Big Apple’s Walk in Clinic

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” or so goes the old proverb. The question remains though, does it work? Nutritionally, they’re definitely good for you: boron for your bone strength, quercetin for brain cell and memory retention, pectin for bad cholesterol reduction and diabetes management, quercetin and naringin flavinoids for lung cancer prevention and phytonutrients galore.
            Oh and don’t forget the best part: the average apple costs you only 81 calories. So aside from the nutritional value and disease prevention, you could probably just diet with this gravity inspiring fruit.
            Nonetheless, in spite of the health benefits, it must be said that it takes more than apples to keep away the doctor. It’s true that they are key to good health, but so are other fruits: bananas have potassium, blackberries carry fiber, strawberries contain both, and apricots bear beta-carotene. Doctors will tell you a varied diet is essential. (Moreover, if you have apples everyday, I think you’d get tired pretty quickly).
            Still skeptical? Trees supply apples and medical clinic provide internist, but only one can cure you once you’re injured or infected. (Guess which?) Apples can’t heal you after scraping your knee or a mosquito infecting you with yellow fever. Mind, they can help, (since you’ve got a stronger body) but only a doctor can mend you.
            You can find them in medical office across the country, whether you need heart help or minor injury attention. Forget the old adage about apples; you’ll need those medical offices to be completely healthy.
            If you’re looking for the doctor, try our medical office located at 274 Madison Ave, New York, NY. No matter how many apples you eat, you’ll need to see one eventually. For more information, take a look at our website at walk in clinic NYC

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