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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Busy? Urgent care clinic is the solution

Remember the old days? White coats, bright lights, latex scented, listening to each time the clock hands moved. Someone would bring you to the doctor’s office for a checkup and afterwards you would be rewarded with a lollipop for your patience. That was the end of it. Nowadays it’s hard enough to just schedule an appointment. With all the things you have to do, why not try a walk in clinic?
Ever feel like childhood was so much easier? More space, more freedom, and more time. As adults, our schedules are crammed: wake up, shower, make breakfast, feed the dog, dress for work, take the kids to school, commute to work, commute to home, pick up the kids, buy groceries, make dinner, pack lunch, walk the dog, wash the dishes, take out the garbage, tuck in the kids, back to bed.
Add on the weekly laundry, house cleaning, phone calls, family visits, random friend hangouts, work emergencies, etc. and you’re officially booked. Now try to schedule in your next medical doctor’s appointment. Are you told that you need to wait a week, two, three, or even a month later? And once you’re there, how much more time do you need to wait to be seen?
Forget scheduling and remember leisure! Time is precious as it is and should not be wasted. As Doug Larson puts it, “For disappearing acts, it's hard to beat what happens to the eight hours supposedly left after eight of sleep and eight of work.”  Oftentimes, we work ourselves half to death trying to fit everything into the week and then end up sick for stressing about it. Yet there’s still no time for break and we chug down all the medicine we can find in the cold aisle. Thoughts are blurred, focus lost, and the temperature is rising. Before you know it, you can get into an accident more serious than the common cold. 
Urgent care clinic are essential for those sudden scrapes, scratches, or burns, and can even offer you something to take care of that cold faster. Availability and convenience are written into the definition and appointments can be scheduled on the same day with immediate care. No waiting for the secretary to schedule you two weeks later and no waiting at the ER for “immediate help” that comes two hours later.
In the past as kids, we didn’t have responsibilities. Everything was set up for us and all we had to do was follow what we were told. And for that we got a lollipop for a reward. As adults, we need to plan everything. Even our free time is taken up planning for our plans. By then, you know your schedule is definitely overloaded. Don’t let that carry through to your health as well.
Walk in clinics will save you both money and time, with the added bonus of friendly service. For those lighter injuries, burns, or illnesses, you can get that immediate care you’re desperate for without those frustrating delays.
So if you’re in Manhattan and feeling burdened down by your schedule, drop by Midtown Medical Group and find an internist, located at 274 Madison Avenue. Too busy to physically come? Take a look at our website walk-in clinic NYC for more information to schedule your appointment at our walk-in clinic today. 

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