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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Walk In Clinics in NYC: How to Choose

Ah, New York City. We all love living here for a host of reasons. Several of which are its delicious multi-cultural cuisine, its progressive cultural institutions and its wide array of doctors and nurses. Huh? No it’s true. Doctors and nurses may not be the first thing you think about when compiling a list of the reasons to love New York but when you are in need of one they rise to the top! When prompt (non-life threatening) medical attention is needed it’s NYC’s many Walk in Clinics that fit the bill.

Like everything else in NYC the mere fact that there are so many to choose from can sometimes hinder your ability to choose the best. Here is a quick list of things to look for when searching for Walk in Clinics in NYC:

1.    Firstly, let us establish what it is we are looking for. We are searching for a medical facility that provides high quality care at cost-effective pricing. Pricing is important and so is the type of insurance that the clinic accepts. When a clinic accepts a large variety of insurance it shows that they are committed to helping the largest amount of people possible. A good clinic will also offer low, discounted pricing for the uninsured.

2.    Make sure the staff is up-to-par. Only visit Walk in Clinics that have a board-certified doctor on their staff—not just nurse practitioners. Many Walk in Clinics ONLY have nurse practitioners on staff. This is the type of clinic we’d be better off steering clear of. Bottom line is that when we are ill we want a doctor.

3.    A Wellness Center that offers preventative care is an added bonus when choosing a Walk in Clinic, especially in fast-paced and stressful NYC. The concentration on KEEPING ourselves healthy instead of TREATING ourselves when we are sick makes a ton of good sense. Be on the lookout for such services as cholesterol screening, diabetes screening, and “stop smoking” programs.

4.    The ability to treat a large array of illnesses. Some clinics concentrate on specific illnesses. Let’s say, upper respiratory problems. That’s fine if you are suffering from upper respiratory problems, but what we are looking for is a Walk in Clinic that can be relied upon for whatever health issue it is we are currently suffering from. A good clinic will treat the following conditions…and more.

Sinus infection
Pink eye/Sty/Conjunctivitis
Upset stomach
Sore throat
Ear infections
Food poisoning
STD testing
Allergic reactions
When offered so many choices, as one is in NYC, a little bit of guidance can be a good thing. Feel free to utilize the handy guide above to make the right choice for your health problem or simply log onto Walk In Clinic NYC website for the best treatment available at a clinic anywhere in New York. If your access to the web is limited simply call 1-212-696-5900 to ask questions or to make an appointment today.

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