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Sunday, March 20, 2011

NYC & The Walk In Clinic

Scenario: You live in NYC and you are sick. It’s nothing life threatening, let’s just say you are merely full of mucus. It’s dripping out of every orifice. What to do? You stop and contemplate the hospital emergency room. After all, you do not have a general practitioner to call your own. That went out the window with the job (…and the girlfriend). While thinking of the emergency room your mind is filled with Bosch-like nightmare images, of countless floating germs desperately searching for a warm place to call home, and of hours upon hours of wait time. You push these dreary thoughts from your head and Google the words Walk In Clinic in NYC.

You’ve joined your fellow New Yorkers on the cutting edge of healthcare. The Walk In Clinic is the largest growing segment of the local healthcare industry, with new NYC clinics popping up every day. And why wouldn’t they be? After all, walk in clinics are the smartest alternative to hospital emergency rooms out there. They are well staffed, professional, up-to-date, and much more affordable. Many offer a sliding scale fee and/or a low-cost first visit option.

When your condition is non-life threatening, but needs immediate attention, head to your friendly NYC neighborhood walk in clinic. Here are just a few of the reasons why this is the right choice:

Care & Convenience
Ideal for unexpected injuries and much needed testing. When at a hospital it takes FOREVER to be ferried from one area to the other for the testing so critical to your diagnosis. At a walk in facility, one that offers urgent care services, all the tests are done in the same place for quicker, yet-just-as-thorough results.

A Variety of Ills
A good walk in clinic’s staff includes a board-certified doctor—not just a nurse practitioner. This doctor will have unquestionable experience treating a large variety of illnesses. Walk in clinics pride themselves on being able to dispense top-of-the-line care for many different health problems. These include, but are not limited to:

Sinus infection
Pink eye/Sty/Conjunctivitis
Upset stomach
Sore throat
Ear infections
Food poisoning
STD testing
Allergic reactions

One can also count on a NYC urgent care clinic for other less common services. These include a number of different health screenings, (diabetes, drugs, cholesterol), vaccinations (including the shots one may need when leaving the country), and general physical exams (needed for work, summer camps, etc.).

Living in NYC we have gotten used to some of the finer things in life. Expand that fact to your healthcare, you’re worth it. For those people living in the New York City area, in need of a medical facility that can heal you without the par-for-the-course ridiculousness that passes for emergency room help, simply log onto The website continues the convenience of the clinic itself by offering an easy-to-use web appointment maker. By doing so you will get to experience what your New York brethren are raving about. 

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