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Sunday, March 13, 2011

URIs -how to get rid oneself of the most common infection

“Infection.” The word alone finds us reaching for our nose to give it a little rub—but never forget an infection is nothing to sneeze at! Ha! Ha! but regardless of easy jokes there are two types of rather common infections that we see at the Walk In Clinic NYC on a daily basis and they’re no joking matter. The first, and far more popular (since it affects both men and women equally), is the upper respiratory infection, or a URI.

An upper respiratory infection, or a URI is most often times referred to as “the common cold,” or a “sinus infection.” URIs are rarely life threatening, but can often lead to complications and missed work and school if left untreated. It is estimated that the total loss to the American economy due to URIs is over forty billion dollars a year! An average American catches two colds per year—with the upper respiratory infection lasting anywhere from three days to two weeks!

Sinus infections are caused by over 200 types of viruses warmed and incubated in the nose, these are called rhinoviruses. No matter what mom has told you it is impossible to catch a rhinovirus if you go outside and bare the elements in just a t-shirt. Also, heading to school, or work, with wet hair will not have any impact on whether you catch a cold or not. In order to catch a URI you must come in contact with a URI, after all, it is a virus.

At the Urgent Care New York the friendly staff knows just what you need to get yourself back on the healthy track. Also, while there, you will see a board-certified doctor, not a nurse practitioner as is typical in clinics located in New York City.

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