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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Your Medical Questions Answered! What Is The Role Of An Internist?

When one gets to that certain age and way-outgrows their pediatrician, it’s time to take their healthcare a tad more seriously. One route is to find a good internist who can help you navigate your way through these new adult issues and problems as they arise. An internist is typically in for the long haul. Many patients make long serious relationships with their internists, ones that last a lifetime. An internist can be like a best friend—as they definitely got your back when things get rough.
One thing an internist is not is an intern. No, no, no… two totally separate things. Whereas an intern denotes new and recent an internist denotes advanced and adept. While an intern can be an asset to a company, an internist has passed the intern phase by many, many years. An internist has studied advanced medical procedures and is a certified doctor with advanced degrees and post-graduate training in internal medicine. To sum up a primary care doctor, the American College of Physicians defined them as doctors who are specialized in the detection, prevention, and treatment of adult illnesses.

An internist studies and practices internal medicine. This is a medical specialty and they are skilled in the management of patients who suffer from multisystem disease processes, for hospitalized and/or ambulatory patients, and can also be major players in groundbreaking new research and education. Commonly, during medical school an internist would have spent approximately half of their seven years on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases that affect adults specifically. Just what type of person would be the most likely candidate to be an internist’s patient?

Typically, the patient of an internist would have been referred to them because their primary care doctor hits a wall, and had been unable to diagnose the root of the problem the individual is currently suffering from. It is only through the specialty of the internist’s training that answers shall be had. In other words, we older folk need a different doctor to diagnose our defaults; one that knows the ins and outs of our old bones. Hey, when you want the best you see a professional in an urgent care facility—a specialist—and that’s just what an internist is. In fact, an internist is commonly known as the “doctor’s doctor.” Knowing you are in the hands of someone that doctors themselves relay upon should definitely lesson the stress and make you confidant in their knowledge and skills.

What sort of medical problems send a person to an internist?

Ischemic or hemorrhagic blood vessels—two of the main causes of strokes and are the type of problems that an internist is trained for.

Osteoporosis— the thinning of bone tissue over many years.

Hypertension—high blood pressure.

Gastroenterology—disorders of the digestive system.

Lung disease—any disease that affects the lungs or the airways that carry oxygen, including emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and asthma

Cardiovascular disease—problems with the heart, blood vessels or circulatory system in part or as a whole. Cardiovascular diseases include—but are not limited to—arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, arrhythmia, endocarditis and problems with the peripheral vascular system.

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