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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In and Out: That’s Our Urgent Care Clinic Promise

That endless ticking. Fervent tapping resounds against the chair. Awkward silence and strained conversations. Impatient eyes shift across the room. Sheets of papers shuffle between pen clicks and signatures. You shift uncomfortably in the seat to prevent that leg numbing pain.  
Face it: if this is the doctor’s office every time you go, it’s no wonder that you rarely go. As soon as you enter, you’re pummeled with sheets about your family health history and contracts. Even if you arrive on time for your appointment, there’s still five others waiting ahead of you (all the while you’re sitting there in pain). And let’s not forget how awkward it can be even just making eye contact with anyone there. You can’t really avoid them once you step inside.
Not to worry though: there is a solution! Head over to a doctor’s office. Fast, friendly, convenient, walk-in (no appointments needed), and lower cost than an ER, what’s not to love about it?
Urgent care clinics deal with anything from your minor burns to wart treatment to deer tick bites to genital wart treatment. No they don’t cater to your major accidents like broken bones, but they still offer the same quality service and faster speed than an ER.
Just imagine this: immediate service as soon as you walk in. No awkward silence, no long waiting lines, no annoying tapping or foot shaking, no clock ticking in a silent room. Just in and out you go. Sound tempting? Urgent clinics will do it for you.
If you’re in need of one right now, stop by 274 Madison Ave, Suite 304. Or if you’d like to find out more for those just in case emergencies, check out urgent care clinic NYC

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