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Friday, August 31, 2012

Heroes of the World Start at a Walk in clinic

As children we often admired the cartoon superheroes that always strive for justice and save the world just in time. As we grow up and reality hits full frontal, we often find that those fantasies fade and the heroes disappear. There’s no Superman with beyond human strength or the ability to fly nor Batman with advanced technology and conviction about crime. The world seems like a darker place with that in mind.
Yet while there are no superheroes with amazing powers to turn invisible or read minds, reality does offer heroes to take their place. Recall the soldiers who risk their lives constantly to fight wars and keep the country safe, or the firemen who rush to the aid of civilians surrounded by engulfing flames. The policemen are the ones who are caught in the middle of crime, with that strong belief in fairness, abiding the law, and keeping the public protected.
Yes, they are the ones you need applaud and appreciate. They are the ones who should receive due credit for their courage, boldness, and sacrifices. Before that though, we must offer our gratitude to yet another bunch of heroes: the doctors.
They are the ones slaving away at medical office in NYC to ensure your health and well being. They are the ones who, everyday even, rescue lives on the brink of failing. They are the people who risk their lives to disease and illness so that yours may not be. Think about it: have you done your doctor justice?
Want to thank a doctor? Head over to our medical clinic located right outside of Grand Central Station. Or if you’d like learn more about our facility visit the website at Walk in Clinic NYC

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