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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

NYC hurting your eardrums? Or maybe it’s an ear infection for an internist to heal

My brother had ear infections so often he had a tympanostomy tube implanted in his ear. These ear tubes are commonly implanted in children and adults who suffer from chronic ear infections. A surgeon punctures a tiny hole in the ear drum and inserts a small tube through it that drains excess fluid such as water, blood or pus out. They help heal current infections and also prevent future ones, before they dissolve or fall out on their own.
Yet my brother’s past ear infections had caused so much damage to his middle ear he was unable to travel in airplanes comfortably for years. He recalls one experience where his ear literally started bleeding as the plane began to descend for landing. The scar tissue that had accumulated from years of infections was not strong enough to bare the sudden change in pressure at such a high altitude and, feeling what he describes as excruciating pain combined with sudden vertigo, blood began trickling out of his left ear.  
Acute otitis media, also known as an ear infection, occurs commonly in children. It is marked by fluid and inflammation in the middle ear, caused most often by a dysfunction in the ear’s Eustachian tube. A blocked Eustachian tube prevents unhealthy substances from secreting, causing a buildup of fluid that festers bacteria. This tube improves in strength with age, which is why so many more children than adults suffer from otitis media.
However, a dysfunctional ear tube can follow people into their adulthood, especially if they frequently suffer from allergies and sinus infections. Upper respiratory tract infections can travel to the middle ear, inflaming the area and becoming painful.
And due to the middle ear’s proximity to other vulnerable structures in the ear and surrounding organs, including the neck and central nervous system, otitis media can cause life-threatening complications. At minimal, people who suffer from bad infections will experience some hearing loss and need to visit a walk in clinic NYC right away.
So if you’re suffering from pain in your ear, don’t take it lightly; make an appointment with an internist in NYC if your condition does not improve in a day. You will be prescribed antibiotics that will fight the bacteria and prevent it from spreading. If you frequently suffer from ear aches, you and your doctor should also investigate what causes them and come up with some preventive strategies. It may consist of some good allergy medication and decongestants to prevent fluid buildup.
If you need a good walk in clinic to start on your ear infection treatment NYC, make an appointment with Dr. Slava Fuzayloff at 274 Madison Avenue. Dr. Fuzayloff works actively as a member multiple health organizations, including American Medical Association, the American Osteopathic Association, and the New York State Medical Association. Because of his energetic interest and affiliation with multiple medical offices and hospitals, Dr. Fuzayloff is up to date on the latest technology and medical treatments available in urgent care NYC. He also has a wonderful reputation among his patients as being incredibly thoughtful and helpful about his diagnoses. Log onto to make an appointment with him!
Don’t end up with ear tube implant and a bundle of weak scar tissue in your ear, visit our office today.

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