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Thursday, February 2, 2012

NYC blowing too much some in your ear? Visit this walk in clinic for help.

Do you have an ear ache? If it’s lasted long enough that you felt the need to search online for remedies, you should consider visiting walk in clinic to get some antibiotics. But if before taking that step you seek some basic information about ear aches, you came to the right place.
There are three types of common ear aches: otitis media with effusion, acute otitis media, and otitis external.
Otitis media with effusion is not something you usually need to visit a doctor for. If you feel any pain in your ear, you don’t have this type of ear ache, as it is more of an annoyance than hurtful. It is caused by a build-up of fluid in your ear often caused by allergies, nasal congestion, or reaction to some kind of irritant like cigarette smoke. There is no infection within the ear with otitis media with effusion, so no antibiotics are needed. Typically the ear will eventually drain the fluid itself, but you can speed up the process with decongestant medicine. A solid nasal spray works pretty well.
Acute otitis media is an ear infection that can be painful at times.  It most commonly afflicts children, but adults can still suffer from it. If you feel pain inside of your ear, experience any fever or see pus coming out of your ear, you may have this type of ear ache. It is not always necessary to visit a walk in clinic, but if the ache lasts more than 3 days you need to get some antibiotics.
Outer ear infection is also known as “swimmer’s ear,” as people who swim often notoriously develop this kind of infection. It is caused when water gets trapped within your ear and creates an ideal, moist environment for germs to fester and infect the inner ear and surrounding skin. With this infection you’ll suffer not only internal pain but pain all over your ear, which may itch and become swollen, painful at the touch. You need to visit a doctor if you suffer from these symptoms.  Outer ear infection treatment includes antibiotics and ear drops will clear it up.
If you’re ear hurts right now and you’d like to wait a few hours to see if it gets better but can’t stand the pain, grab a rag and heat it with some very hot water. Place the hot rag on a pillow and rest the affected ear directly on it. This not only soothes the pain but may help drain fluid out of your ear. If you can feel the unwanted water in your ear and want to get out, grab a blow drier, put it on low heat and low fan, and blow dry right into your ear. Wiggle your ear lobe as well.
If you’ve maximized your irritability and pain tolerance levels and need to see a doctor now, check out this NYC walk in clinic located near Grand Central 42nd Street. You can log onto their website medical doctor in NYC check their available walk in hours so you don’t have blindly go in. You can also make same day appointments, and they’re open until 7pm weekdays and even on Saturdays! Call 212-696-5900.
Is your ear driving you mad? We hear you, even if you can’t hear us or anybody else. Come in today and we’ll clear up your ear drums for you.

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