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Friday, February 10, 2012

Do You Know Your Levels? Cholesterol Testing in NYC

There are a lot of medical terms that come in and out of fashion over the years. Good and bad cholesterol levels is one of those terms that—since arriving on the scene—has never faded or went out of style. This is because so much of your general health and wellbeing is tied to your cholesterol levels. Screening for cholesterol levels should be part of everyone’s regular health care regimen. Whether in NYC or a small sleepy town, your cholesterol levels dictate how you feel day to day and indicate whether you are at risk for a heart attack, stroke or other negative health effects.

What is it people are speaking about when they mention cholesterol? We understand that it may be confusing, so we will take the time to explain it carefully and concisely. Cholesterol is a natural fat-like, waxy substance that occurs in the body of every one. Small amounts of cholesterol is actually good for the body. It is only when bad health habits, such as poor diet or lack of exercise force your body to produce too much of it that the trouble begins. If you live in a big city like NYC you are in luck. Many clinics here specialize in cholesterol screening and how to get the body back to producing a fair and healthy amount.

The problems arise when the excess cholesterol finds its way to the artery walls inside your body, therefore making them smaller in width. These smaller blood vessels have a harder time pushing the blood through them, thus working your heart harder and in an unhealthy fashion. When this narrowing affects the coronary arteries—the ones that pump blood to the heart—is when the big trouble begins. Screening your cholesterol levels is a good first step in retaining your good health.

In NYC it is easy to receive cholesterol screening at any fine urgent care clinic or doctor’s office. Let’s discuss the procedure, its means, mode and affordability.

Cholesterol testing in NYC are done via a simple blood test. Everyone has had a blood test at some point in their lives and knows that the small amount of pain one suffers as the pin pricks you is well worth the positive aspects of the test. So don’t worry about the screening process being painful: it is not. This blood is then analyzed for several different things. Since there is more than one type of cholesterol your test will have to be interpreted by a board-certified walk in medical doctor. Hopefully, you will visit one who is kind enough to sit you down and explain exactly what your test results reflect.

These days, there a many medicines that help control your cholesterol levels through different means. Once again, it is the professional recommendation of your doctor that should be followed if you want to lower these numbers—for only he or she knows what is best for you and your lifestyle. This will be ascertained by a conversation about diet, exercise and other habits. Remember to always be truthful with your doctor to benefit the most from your doctor/patient relationship.

Due to the competition between different medical office in NYC, the pricing for cholesterol screening and most similar tests are minimal and affordable.

For those in NYC in need of cholesterol screening please log on to Walk In Clinic NYC. This highly respected and discreet certified facility is staffed by a genuine doctor and not a nurse practitioner as in many similar clinics. They are located just blocks from Grand Central Station and can see you the same day you call. Simply dial 1-212-696-5900 to arrange an appointment today with this doctor office in NYC.

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