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Monday, February 28, 2011

When You’re In Need Of Urgent Medical Care

Urgent care doesn’t mean curling up with your favorite book in the hospital emergency room as you cough your way into oblivion. Urgent care means the outpatient Urgent Care Clinics across  New York City  where you are treated by a caring staff and a board-certified physician whose sole purpose is to nurse you back to health!
Regardless of your illness—as long as you do not have a ax protruding from your skull!—Urgent Care Centers in NYC can, and will, help you get well through their state-of-the-art offices and one-of-a-kind-commitment to their patients. When feeling sick and under the weather, it’s almost impossible to feel as comfortable anywhere else in New York City.
Figure it out: what is the difference between visiting New York’s outpatient Urgent Care Clinics or schlepping your way to an emergency room? First off there is waiting time, which counts for a heck of a lot when you are not feeling your best. It is not uncommon to have to wait in an emergency room for up to five hours—and even longer! Walk in Health Care Centers pride themselves on minimal waiting time. That’s right, believe it or not, most patients are seen within twenty minutes of arriving at the clinic. Twenty minutes! Most of the centers have web check-in that alert them to your appointments and cuts down even further on wait time. Bottom line is that they understand just how you feel. They know you want to check in, be evaluated, receive medicine if necessary—and call it a day. Hey, you could be tea-drinking and cartoon-watching watching right now. Urgent care services get it.In order to utilize our convenient web check-in, just log onto At our site you can easily sign up for an appointment—yes, even a SAME DAY appointment—and learn much more about what it is we do and why Urgent Care Clinic is the best choice.
Speaking of hospital emergency rooms, hey, if you’ve suffered a toxic overdose, you have swallowed a hacksaw, or your fever is above 106 we suggest taking the emergency room up and their standing (and sitting, and sitting…and sitting) offer to help you. If you are suffering from any of these things—or anything similar—it is guaranteed that you will NOT have to wait, they will whisk you away behind a curtain where the great and powerful OZ will get to work on you like so many Flying Monkeys pulling hay from the Scarecrow.
Yet, if you are sick in a more traditional way, say you have the flu, a severe backache, an earache, bronchitis or an upset stomach, then get yourself over to the Walk-in Health Care Clinic. Let’s say you are suffering from an outbreak of shingles, or you have a horrible headache or your allergies are acting up—Urgent care center is for you. What if you have cuts and bruises, a cold sore outbreak or your athletes foot came back and thinks it’s in Lebron James’ sneaker? Urgent Care Center.
The Walk-in Clinics NYC also offer full physicals and drug screenings, as well as top-of-the-line pregnancy testing and an awesome program designed to get people to give up cigarettes. At Urgent-Care, all this is offered—and much more—all at a very affordable price.

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