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Saturday, February 12, 2011

No Laughing Matter: Bladder Infections May Lead to Permanent Kidney Damage

Some things are no laughing matter. Having a bladder infection is one of those things. Women are much more susceptible to such things, and everyone has heard of drinking cranberry juice for such issues. This will help, but it is no answer to getting the correct type of medical assistance one often times needs for just such a problem. At the Walk In Clinic of New York you can receive the correct care and have you back to feeling healthy in no time.

A bladder infection is the popular term for a urinary tract infection, or a UTI. This type of infection is caused by bacteria, usually from your digestive system, invading your urethra. When this happens it is called urethritis and when the bacteria travels into the bladder, it’s called a bladder infection. Without medical help this infection can enter the kidneys and cause very serious problems of a permanent nature. That is why it is necessary to do more than drink cranberry juice for this type of problem.

Symptoms of a bladder infection are either very obvious, or possibly, do not exist at all. When it does make itself known the symptoms can include a frequent urge to urinate with just a small amount passed and/or a pain or burning sensation while urinating. Symptoms can also include lower back pain, nausea, chills and dizziness. If these latter symptoms are present, the bladder infection may have already moved to the kidneys.

At the Walk In Clinic of New York a highly trained, board-certified doctor will gather your medical history and current symptoms to begin his diagnosis. This may include taking a urine sample and/or a dipstick test, which will yield immediate results. If testing is positive for either a bladder or kidney infection antibiotics are prescribed. Some types of infections can be cleared up with just one dose!

At the Walk In Clinic of New York’s Urgent Care Clinic the staff treats all patients with respect and dignity and treats their time as importantly as they do their patients. This means that often times a patient will be seen in under half an hour! This prompt attention is indicative of Urgent Care’s commitment to their patients.

Located at 274 Madison Avenue, Suite 304, NYC 10016—mere blocks from Grand Central Station—the Walk In Clinic is accessible by all Manhattan neighborhoods. These include Clinton, Soho, TriBeCa, Battery Park, the East Village and the West Village and Murray Hill. Urgent Care also accepts many types of insurance for treatment of UTIs and bladder infections. These include but are not limited to 1199, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, POMCO, First health and Fallon. The Urgent Care Clinic also offers a very affordable fee of just $98 for those without healthcare coverage at this time. Please log onto for a full list of insurances and to learn more about this wonderful establishment.

In addition to their full treatment of bladder and kidney infections, the Urgent Care Clinic is also adept at all types of healthcare including backache, headache, sinus infections, flu therapies, dermatological issues, and blood work.

Remember that when symptoms point toward a bladder infection—or even if symptoms are not present but you have that inkling of intuition—it is best to get treated immediately. Untreated issues of this kind can lead to permanent kidney damage. Take care of your health now, so that the future will be brighter and healthier! And do so at the Walk In Clinic of New York/Urgent Care Clinic.

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