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Thursday, September 6, 2012

What’s an internal medicine doctor and which clinic to walk in to find a great one

There are many types of health professionals that work in medicine, each with a specialization that differentiates them from the rest of field. Doctor’s that practice specialized medicine provides patients with focused advice for whatever their specific need is. For example, most of us recognize pediatricians as children’s doctors, we know gynecologists work with women specifically and a chiropractor is your go-to for all back pains. Ever hear of an otorhinolaryngologist? It’s a strange multisyllabic title for an ear, nose and throat doctor.
But if you have no unusual ailments that require specialized attention, most of us visit a standard internal medicine doctor for our general health needs.
Your internal medicine doctor is your typical physician, the one that focuses on your health care in general. He or she “specializes” in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of most types of illnesses found in adults.  Because of this, an internal medicine doctor treats the whole patient, ears, nose and throat included. Anything from a sore throat to high blood pressure, this doctor can help. So when you have any bodily problem outside of a toothache (physicians try not to mess with dentistry) you should turn first to this you internal medicine doctor. If the problem is beyond the expertise of this doctor, he or she will then consult with another physician for advice or recommend you to another physician that specializes in what ails you.
Most importantly, your internal medicine doctor helps prevent the onset of disease by helping you control any irregularities in your body that may threaten its stability, such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure. To do this, your internal medicine doctor builds a long-term relationship with you. The more your doctor knows you the better he or she will serve your health needs. It helps to have worked with an internal medicine doctor for long enough that you feel completely comfortable being honest with him or her. Having a wide understanding of your personal and family history allows your internal medicine doctor to design complete care plans, which may include needed lifestyle changes in the way you eat or how often you exercise.
Thus the point of your internal medicine doctor is to show you an honest picture of your body as a whole. They can also use facts about your health now offer you a reasonable prediction of the state of your health in the years to come.
But if you seek a doctor NYC with the convenience of having constant walk in hours, you may struggle a bit. Many walk in clinics in New York City do not hire certified internal medicine doctor doctors but pair patients with nurse practitioners.
If you’re seeking an internist NYC at a convenient walk in clinic, meet with Dr. Fuzayloff, located on Madison Ave between 39th and 40th street. He’s a regular physician with years of experience practicing medicine who just happens to open his office to patients who can’t always make an appointment. And if you’d feel safer making an appointment, you check out their website walk in clinic NYC and pick an open time to come in that day. If you’re a busy New Yorker who never knows when time will be available, this is the perfect place to squeeze in some medical attention.
Once you find a great internal medicine doctor, you’ll never need another. Dr. Fuzayloff is that physician.

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