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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Your teenage years are not always the greatest. Going through those awkward puberty stages, fighting your parents with extreme teen angst, adjusting to growth spurts, facing adult development, and so forth. And the acne! Oily pimples on your face, blackheads clogging your pores, white heads sticking out of your t-zone, bright red boils pop out all over your face randomly.  
Unfortunately, there isn’t a single reason for your acne: there’s multiple. From hormones to drugs to makeup, acne starts when high hormone levels stimulate the oil glands attached to your hair follicles. The hair follicle (clogged with oil) thus expands, creating a bump. As it develops, the bump can break open, bringing in irritation and giving normal skin bacteria access into the skin’s deeper layers, leading to inflammation.
Once you’re skin becomes inflamed, you’ll find what’s called a pustule; any deeper and you’ll have a full-blown pimple. If it’s even deeper, it’ll be a cyst. If the oil breaks through to the skin’s surface, the aftermath effect is a whitehead. Blackheads, on the other hand, are from the accumulation of oil in the melanin pigment or when the oil becomes oxidized, making that whitehead turn black.
 For those of us lucky enough with good skin or skin durable enough for over-the-counter products, acne treatment isn’t much of an issue. For others, we turn to brands like Proactive or head over to the dermatologist’s office. Useful as they may be, purchases can be costly and you’ll probably need to wait at least two weeks for an appointment.
            Fortunately, there is a walk-in clinic NYC that offers both acne treatment and can solve those issues. Cheap, effective and quick they’ll have you in and out with money leftover in your pocket. Stop by with your teen and save both you and them some headaches.
            Our walk-in clinic is located right outside of Grand Central at 274 Madison Ave. Suite 304 so come get your acne treated today! Still not convinced? Skim through our website at medical clinic.

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