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Monday, June 25, 2012

Bladder Infection? Go to this Urgent Care Clinic in NYC

A lot of women get urinary tract infections so often they could write a musical about it. Studies show that recurrent, uncomplicated bladder infections are very common in healthy, young women, despite them having perfectly normal urinary tract systems. Most woman experience a UTI at least once in their lifetime, with women who are prone to them having to deal with 2-3 of them a year.
Of the women who are used to these infections, treatment is routine. They drown themselves in pure cranberry juice, stay away from caffeine, beer and citrus drinks, and sometimes take soothing baths, soaking in whatever household remedy they prefer over the years. When natural treatments fail, women with experience quickly visit a walk in clinic that’ll check to make sure their infection isn’t anything more serious. If it isn’t, they walk out with an antibiotic prescription and move on with their week.
But why so some women seem predisposed to harbor the infection more easily than others? Bad habits?
The answer can actually be genetic. Studies have shown that women who commonly get UTIs are more inclined to colonize certain vaginal bacteria that cause infections in the urinary tract.  For example women who have the compound sialosyl galactosyl globoside (SGG) lining their kidney cells are more prone to UTIs as this compound attracts the E. coli bacteria that form them. Also, women who were born with deficiencies in human beta-defensin-1 (HBD-1) can also be more prone UTIs, as HBD-1 is believed to act as a natural antibiotic in the body that fights off E. coli. Thus, some women’s genetics provide favorable atmospheres in their body that favor E. coli growth.
Anatomy can also influence a woman’s susceptibility to urinary infections. The shape of your pelvis influences the distance between your urethra and anus. The smaller the distance the more likely there will be unwanted exchanges of fluids and elements between the two of them. Some women are built with a smaller distance between the two. This is why it is so important to make sure you consistently wipe from front to back when going to the bathroom. The back can handle more than front.
If you had your first urinary tract infection before you 15 years of age, or before you were sexually active, it more than likely means that you are predisposed to them. Knowing this, you should always have a reliable health center you can go to in a flash.
If you are like most women with a UTI, you are unwilling to sit uncomfortably in your regular doctor’s waiting room for hours until the receptionist finds an opening for you. Bladder infections are not the sort of thing you can calmly wait to correct, especially if you have things you need to get done. And, having to be sensible with your wallet, an uncomplicated UTI is not something you can afford to take to an Emergency Center at a hospital. What you need is some sort of happy medium between the ER and your family doctor.
Check out this Urgent Care Clinic in NYC conveniently located by the Grand Central Station at 42nd Street that is open to day of appointments. Many walk in centers have been stigmatized due to a tendency to hire inexperienced, unknowledgeable staff. But at this center you’ll be helped by board certified doctors instead of nurse practitioners. Thus you get the convenience of a walk in with the benefit of seeing a regular doctor. And the wait time here is surprisingly minimal, with most people waiting no more than a half an hour before getting in to see a physician.
If you need reliable help with an uncomfortable infection and you need it fast, visit this center. You can just walk in, or log on to their website to make same day appointments. Visit bladder infection treatment nyc to make an appointment, Monday through Saturday.


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