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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Don’t waste your money on a bad internist; walk in to a clinic that has one right for you

Health care costs in the United States have increased astronomically in the past ten years, and projections for the future do not look promising. Researchers are suggesting that the cost to cover a family of four will be over $20,000 this year, a 7 percent increase from 2011. Not impressed by this number? For comparison, note that in 2002 this number was $9,235, according to the consulting firm Milliman Inc.

If you’re one of most Americans covered by the company you work for, you know you aren’t the one shouldering the majority of cost. Having benefits takes a lot of the pressure off individuals and families who wouldn’t be able to afford health care on their own. However, with prices going through the roof, employers are passing the bill to their employees bit by bit.  They do this by increasing their employee’s premiums, co-pays and their deductibles. Every year, employees are paying more to visit their internist.

What about the costs for the millions of people without health insurance? According to the United States Census Bureau, in 2009 nearly 50.7 million people living in the United States did not have health insurance. For people without insurance, visiting the doctor can be fairly expensive, with rates going anywhere from $60 to $300. Even a cheap walk in clinic can be pricey.

If you’re paying a lot to visit your doctor, it can be aggravating leaving their office feeling dissatisfied with the work they did. People today can’t afford to waste money on poor service. But many patients feel intimidated by their doctors and don’t speak up for themselves when they feel unsatisfied with a meeting. Did your doctor answer all of your questions? Was everything explained to you? Were your concerns taken seriously? Did you feel comfortable talking about your body and overall health to this person? Again, don’t forget that you’re paying for this.

Not all doctors work well with every kind of patient. You may need a doctor with a special kind of personality to feel comfortable talking with them. People also may prefer their physician to be a certain age or of the same sex. It may not be that your current doctor is inadequate; it may be you would just mix better with someone else for a primary care md.

If you feel like you’re wasting money and time whenever you visit your physician, it’s time to look for someone new. Do some research on urgent care nyc or nyc internist, read patient reviews, and think hard about what kind of person you can work comfortably with.

Dr. Slava Fuzayloff, located in Midtown, has wonderful responses from his patients. People feel impressed with his experience and expertise in internist medicine, and tend to feel very relaxed and comfortable with him. Understanding his patient’s financial needs due to a rough recession, Dr.Fuzayloff also offers discounts for the uninsured, viewable at his website He runs a normal doctor’s office as well as a walk in clinic nyc, convenient for any type of schedule. To learn more about him and his office log on to the website or call 212-696-5900 to speak to a member of his medical staff.
Find a doctor you look forward to seeing. At minimum, they have to be worth the co-pay. 

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