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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Being a woman means needing a good internist in New York for your urinary tract infection

Ladies, being a woman can at times be a weary existence. Most men, and even some women, don’t appreciate the complexity of female anatomy and the inconvenient placement of our urethra, sex organs and anus. Yes, this must be crass, for any woman suffering from a urinary tract infection cannot figure out the source of her pain without confronting her privates.
UTIs (urinary tract infections) occur when bacteria somehow forces itself into the urinary tract. This occurs most commonly through the urethra. In both men and women the urethra is connected to the bladder, and when this area (where you pee) gets infected it can in turn infect your bladder. Once this happens you’ll feel a constant, uncomfortable urge to pee despite not needing to. You’ll also feel burning and pain while urinating, particularly bad right at the end. When you notice these symptoms you need to make an appointment with a primary care doctor NYC for help.
Men do not suffer from nearly as many UTI’s as women. It is not uncommon for men to go years without suffering from a UTI, while it is entirely common for women to suffer from as many as four a year. Why is this?
One reason is that the urethra is much shorter in women than men (think about it), meaning bacteria has a shorter distance to travel to infect the urinary tract. But more troubling for a woman is that her urethra is situated incredibly close to her anus, increasing the likelihood of cross contamination and infection. This is why women should always wipe from front to back, never the other way around. The anus can handle that crap, the urethra cannot.
The vagina is also right by the urethra, proving another opportunity for easy infection due to sexual intercourse. During sex, bacteria can be pushed into the urethra, causing infection to spread to the bladder. This leads into another uti treatment in NYC: ladies should always pee right after sex to clean out any bacteria. Even if you don’t have to pee, you should try to force it.  
Frequent UTIs can also be caused by bacterial changes in the vagina. Men have it pretty easy with their sexual organ; it’s outside of their body covered in protective, dry skin. Women, our sex organ is inside of us, with healthy bacteria swimming all over the place. It’s also a wet, hot environment, providing bacteria with a delicious environment for growth. When we suffer an imbalance of healthy bacteria for bad bacteria, we suffer. This can occur by use of spermicides, douches, and some antibiotics. Menopause can also alter your vagina Zen.
So the urinary tract in women is pretty vulnerable, meaning that every girl needs a good internist in NYC to run to when her bladder is under attack. If you’re suffering from a urinary tract infection, visit this Medical Clinic for a quick diagnosis and some medication. You’ll check in with Dr. Slava Fuzayloff, a well-established internist doctor with a good following. And getting in to see him is incredibly easy, with same-day appointments available by visiting their site Walk in Clinic in NYC.
Don’t fret ladies. At least we don’t have a vulnerable prostrate.

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