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Monday, October 25, 2010

Erectile Dysfunction—Urgent Care for Men in NYC

In years past it was called impotence, but things have changed. In the past men who suffered from this malady—and their wives—would have to suffer through it in silence and sometimes shame. Medical advances have taken a turn for the best when it comes to husbands and wives and their most intimate of moments.

There is no denying that a healthy sex life is paramount to a positive marital experience. With that fact stated, it is (pardon the pun) hard to understand why any man would allow this issue to separate a himself from his beloved.

Many things can cause erectile dysfunction (ED) in a seemingly healthy man. These things include--but are not limited to--injury to the affected area, and the taking of prescription drugs for other issues altogether. Many pharmaceuticals come with the warning that the users’ libido may be affected to some degree. Diabetes is another major cause of ED. In fact, some reports list the percentage of men with diabetes--who at some point in their treatment suffer from ED--as high as 75%. Kidney disease is another cause of this particular illness, because of it affects nerve function and circulation. Hardening of the arteries and hypertension also routinely affects a man’s ability to achieve a viable erection.

The medical establishment has grown tremendously when it comes to their approaches toward righting this wrong. Long ago was the day that men were advised to eat a dozen oysters before they attempted to enjoy their amorous attentions. Today there are several highly effective methods to negate the negative impact of ED. Viagra happens to be the most publicized of the bunch and it also garnered so much attention due the fact that it was the first of its kind to hit the market.

A doctor can assess your overall medical condition and prescribe the best ED medication for you. One of the best places to receive such a diagnosis is Urgent Care of NYC located on Madison Avenue in the heart of Manhattan. This center is one of a kind and offers such services as a guaranteed personal one-on-one with a board certified doctor, not a nurse practioner, as in many other places. They are clean, neat and up-to-date with all their approaches and equipment, and deliver the kind of personal care that is sorely lacking in the medical field these days. NYC Urgent Care accepts most insurance and also offers an affordable walk-in fee of just ninety-nine dollars if you happen to be uncovered at this time.

It is understood how important intimacy is to couples. Intimacy produces the emotional fulfillment that is so important between a man and a woman. ED should not come in the way of an otherwise loving and close relationship. ED is treatable in any number of simple ways, and any man quietly suffering through it should contact Urgent Care of New York immediately to get their love life back on track. Just call 212-696-5900 or log on to to quickly book a same day appointment--and get back what you’ve been missing.


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